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  1. my 3 wood and I don't get along. i'm much more confident in my driver. if i need to be shorter off the tee or want a little more accuracy i'll get out my 19.5* hybrid.
  2. i love playing through the winter. the courses are empty for the most part. last year we had two months straight with snow on the ground so we couldn't play but the year before i played all winter. as long as its above freezing and the wind is blowing bad i'm game.
  3. i tried the A4 hybrid because I too read about how good they were supposed to be but it wasn't the case for me. I couldn't get that club out of my bag fast enough. everything i hit went left. just wasn't the club for me.
  4. I've only been playing regularly now for a couple years and just started keeping mine in March so about 6 months.
  5. if you like a softer ball you can't go wrong with the nike pd softs. usually places like dicks sporting goods has good deals on multiple boxes.
  6. i always keep an honest score by myself. if i shot really in the end the whole round would be tainted. i called a penalty on myself this evening while alone that in the end prevented me from breaking 40 on 9 holes.
  7. shot my best 9 ever this evening. a 40 on my home course. only 13 putts! played with 10 clubs - Driver, Hybrid, 5-PW, 56 and putter. a beautiful afternoon to walk by myself. i'm finding i play my best when i'm alone. my tempo and routine are solid. just need to try and transfer that over to playing with other people.
  8. i shot my lowest 9 ever last week with 7 clubs (Driver, Hybrid, 5, 7, 9, GW, Putter). i typically take a few out when walking the course but i also enjoy trying to make shots with a club i wouldn't typically use in that situation. i think it requires you to be a little more creative which is something i enjoy.
  9. i don't think the author was suggesting that people go out and actually hit the ball 120 yards at a time. the point he's trying to get across is to for mid to high handicappers to stop being so obsessed with distance. having reliable shots in your bag and using them is a big key to scoring better. if i'm 230 out on a par 5, my chances of being on in two as a higher handicapper are better if i just hit 2 full pitching wedges. it's not as sexy as pulling out the 3 wood and going for it but then my odds of a mishit, lost ball, leaving an awkward pitch from the rough or sand shot are going up.
  10. cleveland ta7 pw, 45* titleist vokey oil can wedges 52, 56 & 60* great wedge setup for me although i think i could drop the 56, 60 and just use a 58 or something. my gap wedge is probably one of my favorite clubs in the bag. i lay up to 100 yards when i get into trouble because there is a decent chance i can get down in 2 from there by hitting the 52* close and making a putt.
  11. i prefer to walk during cold weather as it keeps me lose and warm. i'll second the thermal underwear. other than that just layer up with stuff that you can swing freely in. some hothands in your pocket is a good idea too. i tried the footjoy cold weather gloves but just didn't like the feel so i typically just wear a regular glove and mitts over them. and keep your head warm. i got in the habit of wearing a baseball cap with a stocking cap over top of it.
  12. if there isn't snow on the ground i'll go play. i love having the courses to myself.
  13. i left my 7 iron and a 56* vokey wedge beside a green earlier this year and they disappeared when i went back to get them. i can understand someone wanting the wedge but taking someone's 7 iron and busting up there set is low.
  14. i went the jb holmes route and started using a footjoy rain glove as my regular glove. so far i like it a lot. seems much more durable and my hand doesn't sweat as much and ruin them.
  15. i'm a big fan of my ft-5. when i miss with it i don't seem to miss big. good looking club too.
  16. shot a 47 on the front but wasn't hitting the ball bad. just having trouble hitting greens so lots of tap in bogies. play was slow and i caught up with a buddy on the back and somehow shot 42 from the back tees to break 90.
  17. overlap with my right hand pointer finger straight down the shaft
  18. i was standing right behind him when he hit it
  19. on the backside of my course there is a par 4 (#14) with a blind tee shot down over a hill. #15 turns around and comes right back along side that hole. i was on #15 hooked my drive into the rough between the two holes. i pull out a club and am standing behind my ball setting up when i hear of someone teeing off on the on #14. my first thought was, what are the odds of being hit. just then a low line drive ball comes screaming over the top of the hill and hits the shaft of my 8 iron which i'm holding in front of me. had it missed the shaft it would have hit me right between the legs. yik
  20. 3 irons usually aren't too hard to find since everyone replaces them with hybrids. just start watching ebay.
  21. heat index was over 100 today and i played 18. the nice side effect is that the course was almost empty. just drink a lot of water. i think you just get used to it after a while.
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