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Simple Shaft Stiffness Question

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Hello Guys,


I am not as big of an equipment junkie as most of you so I am sure this is a simple question.


Currently I have stiff shafts on my clubs.


My shot alternates between a draw and a fade (with the occasional case of yips and pull hooksfist_pound.gif)


I hit a 5-iron 190-200


I hit an 8 or 9 from the 150 yard marker.


I drive 270-300 to the left or right of the fairwaydoh.gif


I guess I have a more powerful shot than the average guy at the range, but I notice that my shot is really really high compared to others, but it has been several years since I have played with scratch golfers that hit the ball long and straight everytime.


I guess my question is. How does a stiff shaft change ball flight. I know there are other factors such as kickpoint also.


I currenlty have stock shafts. I forget the name but they are pretty common Dynamic Gold S-300 I think.


On windy days my ball justs hangs in the air forever.






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You really need to look at the nunchuk shaft or project x 6.0 or the ozik matrix code 8 any of these shafts will fix all those stray shots.I prefer the nunchuk but thats just what im playing and  it gives a real tight dispersion pattern unless I come over on it.

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Sorry I see that I kind of miss spoke, I tend to hit a draw or a slight push fade on a given day. it doenst alternate from shot to shot. I was just wondering how a stiff shaft lowers ball flight without changing distance travelled I guess

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Sounds like you're a high ball hitter. DG S300 is a low launching shaft, and at your distances stiff sounds proper. I wouldn't worry about your shafts right now.

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There is nothing wrong with your shafts.  The S300 is a great shaft and has been an industry staple for years.  It is a lower launching shaft made for better players.  What that means is that the kick-point is higher than on a regular shaft therefore lowering the trajectory.  Before you start shaft shopping, you need to get your handicap down to a single digit and have a pro take a look at your swing.  You have the tools to become a player, you just have to put it all together.  The ball flight you describe, draw or push fade, suggest to me that you have the fundamentals but you may have some slight timing issues to address (hard to say without actually seeing it).   Good luck and keep us posted. 

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