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"The Elements of Scoring" by Ray Floyd

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Discuss "The Elements of Scoring" by Ray Floyd here.

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This book was added at my request so I guess it is up to me to kick it off.


One of the things I really liked was Ray's list of the top 10 things amateurs do wrong that pros hardly ever do wrong:


1) Underclubbing

2) Swinging too hard

3) Automatically shooting at every flag

4) Not playing away from trouble

5) Missing the green on the wrong side of the flag

6) Trying for too much out of trouble

7) Trying shots you have never practiced

8) Panicking in the sand

9) Misreading turf and lie situations

10) Consistently under-reading the break on greens


This is not a book on mechanics, it is a book on course management and strategy.  Part of my pre-season ritual is re-reading this book and I've just started it again.  It is an older book, published in the late 90's but it is still available on Amazon.

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I've had this book for a long time.  It helped me to formalize my own philosophy of how to keep my score as low as possible:


Never follow a bad shot with a worse one.

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Thanks for getting Erik to post this here Turtleback. I love these types of books (Vision 54 is another) as I'm a great believer that there is a lot more to great golf than having a great swing. A lot of these aspects of the game are completely overlooked by the average golfer.


I am going to order this book now.  

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This is a great read worth revisiting from time to time.  The strength is course management and making good common sense decisions.  I had one of best rounds of year after reading this book last year and give it another read.  It helped me avoid the big blow up hole which will destroy a good round. 

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It is my favorite book on golf.  Course and game management has as much or more to do with low scores as long drives and good putting.  I re-read this at least once a season.  Granted at my current handicap, I often forget the wisdom of the book when on the course but I'm getting better and that's what counts!

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I would say that this is about an average golf read.  Nothing new or spectacular.  

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I liked it.  I think it is important to get different players perspective on how they approach playing.  I liked the strategy approach Ray has.  It is an easy read as well.

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My favorite common sense golf book.....rock solid advice for amateurs in simple straightforward language-jargon free . as subtitle says:  How to score your best when not playing your best...priceless stuff on those days when you seem to be scrambling from the first hole to the 19th...


I often revisit the book and always take away something I needed to remember -again!


i.e. "chipping is putting with loft"  

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Probably the best book on the mental side of golf there is. Far, far better than the Rotella stuff.

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I'll be looking for this book on amazon tonight. Thnx

Be well

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This is the only golf book I have ever read. It's great.


Not only does it help address issues on the golf course, but it is more of a book of confidence. Not so much a "self-help" book, but something that says if you want to do something, pony up and do it.


Since reading it, I try to apply my ball address to everything in life. See what you want to do and do it. Don't think about what you don't want to do, just think positive and do what you want to do.

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For several years I too would re-read this book at the beginning of the season.


Now I live in a climate where I can play year round, so there is no beginning or end of the season, but I still pick it up occasionally.


This is the only golf instruction book that I have re-read multiple times.

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You all convinced me...Thanks to amazon I'm buying this for $4 after shipping and handling!

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Ordered!!! As I'm restarting my golfing life after 3 years out, I'm thinking it'd be good to go on the course with a new mindset, so will stay on the range til I've read this :)

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Looks like I'll have another book in my golf library. 

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I just got this book today, along with "The Big Miss"...time to get reading while it rains outside!

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Thinking your way around a golf course like a pro is never a bad idea.... Rockin Raymond list can save you strokes without swing changes


His kid choked on the Big Break fell sorry for baby Floyd

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