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First Eagle! Tell your first Eagle story!

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Pretty exciting stuff here. This past Friday I went out golfing with my father and 2 of my friends. The day started out pretty decent as I was just coasting by with Pars. I fell apart later in the day and only my putting saved me from giving up on the day. Then, out of no where, Hole 17 (286 yard Par 4, Dog-leg right + hitting from 20 yards higher than the fairway, with a blind green on a severe down-slope around 240 out from the tee) I smashed a beauty. We drive to the top of the hill and see 3 balls laying right at the edge of the hill.. and one shiny Callaway I(z) Tour laying 8 inches from the cup. I was pretty shaky when I grabbed my putter and it was time to tap it in so I had to back off, breathe and then I just walked up and did not hesitate. On in 1, 1 putt on a Par 4 and I'll (most likely) never repeat such a thing in my life. By no means comparable to an Ace or anything - but luck was definitely with me on that hole, on that day!

Unfortunately I did lose the ball on the next hole (18). That hole always destroys me as you're literally teeing off parallel with the highway with cars flying by at 70mph. I smashed one about 308 down the rock hard fairway and was still on my Eagle high. The next shot fell short of the green and landed right in a river separating the green from the fairway lol. Perfect way to end that day right? Golf... the 4 letter word we love to hate and we keep coming back for more!

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I know Eagles aren't very common on Par 4s, but I'm sure someone on this forum must have chipped or putt an Eagle at some point! I'm still pretty stoked about mine and wanted to hear other people's stories on their first Eagle so I changed the title of the thread to encourage others to share their stories.

When I first say "I had an Eagle last week on a Par 4" people kind of give me that look like "Yeah... okay". I'm just glad my best friend and father were both there to witness it! I always said that my first Ace will most likely be when I'm alone and no one is around to witness/hear it. lol

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Mine happened about 2 months ago.  I was on the first hole par 4 and hit a nice 5 iron to about 155-160 yards.  Decided to go with my 7 iron from there and holed it!! It was pretty awesome, only thing that sucked about it was that I was playing alone :l


Congrats on your eagle!

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Mine came this year as well.




Number 12. Can not remember how long it was but second shot, hit 6 iron and blocked it right of the green down in a collection area. Pitched it up and just wanted it within 10 feet because the green was sloping everywhere. Watched it hit the green, take the hill down then bank left down more and into the hole.


On a side note, hit a 6 iron to 3 feet on Sunday for an eagle and 3 putted for par............

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I made my first eagle 10 years ago when I was 13 years old. It was on the par-5 first hole at my home course back then (International CC). I hit a 7-wood from 200 yards. The shot lipped out and ended up about 6 inches from the cup. Fortunately I was so close because I would have been too nervous to make anything longer!

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My first (and 2nd) eagles came on the same hole when I was 15, Par 4 approximately 310 yards, 200 to carry a creek. Both times I carried the creek and sunk the approach from the left side of the fairway with a 56 degree wedge.

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Sheesh, it's probably been close to 30 years since I got my first eagle. The course I started on was a 9 hole course that had 2 x 90 degree dog leg 450 yard par 5's. They weren't tough to eagle even when I was young. Longest eagle on a par 4 was a chip from under 50 yards away. Never have put one in from over 50 yards yet.

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You guys sinking it from further out with a wedge/approach shot had to be going crazy, because I know I would. I played the hole 4 more times over the weekend after the Eagle and my drive was never on line with the hole again or even close to the green. The shot required such a slice and soft landing on the hill to roll up that it is easy to be straight and miss it all left in the rough/trap, or over slice it into the woods or 50 yards out at a tree's top.

The sad part is, when you play a hole that you eagled/aced, you always think "I can do this again!". Needless to say I doubled it twice and had a bogie and a par the next 2 times lol.

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My first eagle came several years ago on the second hole of a 9hole course. Was a Par 4 roughly 340 yards, hit a short tee shot into the short rough right of the fairway. Second shot was a mid-long iron, 5 or 6 i think that headed right at the pin. It looked good, like it was just past the pin from my perspective. When my brother and I walked up to the green, my brother saw my ball in the cup when he removed the flag. I was ecstatic. I used that ball the rest of the round and came inches from an Ace on the 8th hole. The ball caught the flag pole and just missed going in the hole. I had kept that ball in my bag in a small compartment for some time too hoping it'd bring me good luck...
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First eagle was pretty memorable.  Match play foursome, best ball scramble.  Par 5 at TPC Louisiana on the back nine.  Used my drive and my 3 rescue shots into a greenside bunker.  Other team was on the putting green for an eagle.  Hit out of the sand about 10 feet and it went in.  The coolest part was that as soon as it left my club I knew it was dead center and in.  It was great.  The other team missed their putts and we took a thoroughly undeserved hole. A lot of rounds later i still consider it my best shot.

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My first eagle came a few months ago.


Was on a par 5.   The not so cool part of the story is that there was a twosome in front of us holding our foursome up all day.   My driver left me 250 out, and instead of waiting for the twosome to leave the green, I decided to layup with a 3 wood.  I was actually trying to play within my ability and go for a birdie instead of a par 5 in two which normally results in a penalty or playing from the rough.  


Well my 3 wood had another idea.  I ended up skulling the shot.  The ball started off really low and straight.  Then it started rising and hooking left toward a bunker 20 yards short of the green.  The ball hit the down sloping side of the bunker and shot directly at the flag with a ton of spin.  The ball ended up rolling between the guys legs as they were putting and stopped 3 feet from the hole.


The cool part is that the guys didnt care that I almost hit them because they congratulated me on the shot cause they looked back and saw where I hit it from.  



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My first (and only) eagle came on a 486 yard par 5. Piped my drive down the middle and caught a downhill slope leaving me with about 165 left. Pushed my 6-iron approach a little but fortunately landed just on the fringe giving me a chance to putt. Sank a 40-footer for eagle. Still have yet to chip in for an eagle. Usually my chip ins or long putts are to save par or bogey.

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I just had an eagle the other day. Par 4 even...

First hole; 346 yard, par 4. Dead level with water guarding the front of the green. I hit a 5-wood off the tee leaving 82 yards to the pin (as measured by laser). Hit my 62' wedge from there and knew right away that it was dead at the hole but just short. I was trying to carry it all the way to the hole since the pin was tucked on the front edge. Well, the ball landed just a few inches onto the green, took a small hop and rolled about 4" into the cup. a3_biggrin.gif

Started the day with an Eagle and rounded out the 9 shooting a 31 (-4) with no bogies. It's too bad that I didn't have time to finish out the 18... After an emotional bump like that to get the day started, I was playing really well.
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Last season I had two, on the same hole.  Par4 240y (straight run from tee to pin, but the fairway is humped, so the the pin isn't visible).  I used a 3h off the ground for both.  The first ended with a 5ft putt and the second was a 7i chip-in from around 20ft.  I have only been able to birdie it so far this year though.  I actually hate this hole because my misses are left, and left on this particular hole is down a ravine and into a river.  I must have a good collection of wayward golf balls down there already.....d2_doh.gif

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First eagle came a month ago. Dogleg right par 5, played driver to mid-iron and actually chipped in from a yard or two off the green. Funny part is I played the course the day before and left my chip for eagle sitting on the lip. Three holes later I got my second eagle; another par 5. Hit a 3 hybrid from 248. There were guys on the green which I didn't think I'd hit because I was looking to be about 20yds out (I shouldn't have hit but it was slow and mistakes happen). THe shot rolled up to the green, hit a guy on the bottom of his leg and sat 8ft from the hole. I went and apologized and bought the guy a drink at the turn but I made the putt. Ended up birdy-ing 18 as well for a personal record 2 under 34 on the front nine.


Best 5.5 hour round of my life lol.

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First eagle was on the Greenback at Heron Lakes in Portland, OR about 10 or 11 years ago.  I'm 43 and really didn't start golfing until my late 20's / early 30's.  The 13th hole (#4 back then) is a short par-5, only about 460 yds from the whites (which is what I played from back then).  I hit a good drive, about 250 off the tee, slightly right in a bit of rough, but sitting up.  The green is fronted by a pond and a fairly deep green with woods (hazard) in back of the green as well.  I had a small tree (sapling) in my line (much bigger now), but didn't think it would be a problem.  I hit my old Adams Tight Lies 7-wood from about 200 yds and it went right at the flag on the middle left of the green.  It went past the cup and I had about a 12 ft putt that broke a good 6 ft or so (I was basically putting sideways to the hole).  I lined it up and the putt went in for my first EAGLE.  I saved the ball and wrote the date / hole on it with a sharpie.  I've made a fair number since then, but the first is always the sweetest!

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First eagle in competition was when I was 15 playing in high school, less than 1 year after picking up the game.  Short 272 yard par 4.  It played downhill and there are two bunkers that guarded the green with a narrow opening.  My ball landed right in between the bunkers and ended up 2 feet from the hole.  Sunk the putt and was thrilled.


Most memorable eagle in competition was on a 387 yard par 4 (This was also in high school).  I was 110 out in the rough after my drive.  Took my Wilson Fat Shaft sand wedge and hit the ball on the fringe and it managed to roll out 20 feet into the cup. 

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First eagle came on my first round where I broke 80, with a 74!  Had been playing well through the front but finished 8 and 9 with bogey, double to come in at 41.  Was disappointed, but the 10th is a short par 5, 500 yards.  Hit a push fade into the trees off the tee and was thinking, there goes that chance at breaking 80.  Get to my ball sitting at about 210-215 from the hole.  Have a TINY window between two trees out of medium rough.  Decide to go for it with my 2h.  Hit an absolutely perfect shot, right through the window, pin seeking, hits about 12 feet short and finishes about 5 feet short.  Make the uphill putt for eagle.  Shoot 33 on the back 9 (still my only 9 under par, much less 3 under!) to card a 74.

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