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Share Your Photos

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camper6 asked for it, so here it is.


I'll start off with one of my favorites.



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Very nice.  Looks like it was taken with a long range lens because the depth of field brings out the focus on the leaf.

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What is the best way to upload a photo on this forum?



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Originally Posted by camper6 View Post

What is the best way to upload a photo on this forum?

Create an album. Put them there. Or just click the photo icon in the toolbar and locate the image on your hard disk.

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O.K. but have to remember to resize.

Early morning. Lake Superior. Northern Minnesota.



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Myrtle Beach



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Thanks for starting the group.  I hope we get more members and more photos from around the country or the world for that matter.



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Well, post more and put a link to the group in your signature or something.


In the end this is still a golf forum, so we're drawing from photographers who are mostly golfers. Maybe there are a lot out there. I hope so. But I don't know...

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Preston Beach.jpg

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Here are a couple.





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Those are excellent shots.


I am trying to guess where that spectacular scenery is found.





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Close, it's the Owens Valley in California, not too far from the Nevada border.  Both pictures were taken within 100 yards of each other (that truck was parked below and to the left of the radio telescope).

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Getting the stars in is what makes that picture.



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Originally Posted by camper6 View Post

Getting the stars in is what makes that picture.


It was a bit of a challenge to keep them looking like stars. Even with the moon lighting the dish, it took about a 30 second exposure, so if you look closely, they're already starting to trail.


Actually, although I like that photo a lot, it has some technical problems that make it hard to use as a print. In addition to the stars trailing, the dish was actually moving during the photo, so if you look closely at its edge it has some motion blur. It's hard to see online (especially in the low-res version here), but it's distracting in print.


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Into photography?? Post some of your work.

Ok, I did a search and nothing about posting photos you have taken recently, but I did discover that there were some people on here into photography. So this thread may go well or just get ignored. But anyway, post up some of your favourite photos you have taken. Me personally, I like cityscapes, day or night, but love night or dusk. Here Goes.










Little bit of tilt/shift fun










Taken HDR





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Very nice! I'm more into iPhonography than full photography at the moment. Started out mainly as a budgetary constraint but not I enjoy the challenge of making a scene lok great with only a couple of apps.


Some of my stuff:










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Nice work both of you!  Check out our photography spot in the groups section and maybe you can get it kick started.  One day I'll get around to processing and posting a few pics myself....



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