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Bag Help Needed to Keep Me on the Course

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Hi SandTrappers,

Could anyone kindly recommend a very lightweight Sunday bag with two straps that can be worn like a backpack?


I will be without access to a car this summer but will have a golf course within 4 miles and would love to find a bag I can bike with to keep working on my game.


It doesn't necessarily have to be a stand bag--beggars can't be choosers--but I think I would prefer dual strap to make it more stable while riding my bike. 


My goal is to break 100 by this September (1 calendar year after I started), and if you've seen me play, it's going to take a lot more summer practice. 


Thank you for any help you could provide.

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What is your budget for the golf bag?  That will impact what I recommend.

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Hi Beachcomber,

Thanks for replying. I could see myself spending up to $150 if I really liked the bag (that's how much a locker would have cost me if I was a member and allowed to rent) but would much prefer to be on the lower student range. 

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Cool, $150 you can pick up a decent bag.  If you're going to be riding a bike and trying to wear the bag while you ride - you'll really want to consider the base weight factor - and potentially the amount of storage it has so that you can put some of your belongings in it.


Personally, I've owned four or five Ping Hoofer bags from various seasons in the past.  All of them have been pretty durable, look great - have plenty of useful storage pockets and one of the things you mentioned you really desired was a dual strap.  You'll find it all and more on the Hoofer bag (like a stand).  I'd highly recommend you check them out. 





Here is an article from the 2011 Golf Digest which highlights their top picks.  I'd bet many of those 2011 bags could be found for less than $150.  One of the bags from the list that stood out to me was the Titleist Lightweight bag.  nd I know a few folks who are currently using this bag and they like it a lot.  And it looks very nice too - so maybe check it out?



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Thanks, Beachcomber. I'm starting to question whether or not the investment would be worth it. My current bag is 6 lbs. (below) and much of what I am finding out there is 4.4 lbs. anyway. The weight doesn't matter so much as the balance and the one I have isn't horrible but I do feel a little wobbly and unsafe on my bike. I guess I should consider bags without the stand to lighten the load. 



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I would agree with Beachcomber ... I have an older version of the lighter Titleist bag which I like, and the Hoofer looks sweet.  But I would also agree with you that they are both pretty similar to what you already have, which looks like a pretty nice bag as well.  (I believe that is the same bag my brother has and he likes it)  Then again, none of us are cycling 4 miles to the course with them.a1_smile.gif


I have no idea how balanced it is, but here's a 2.2 lb-er with the dual strap (no stand) that is well within your budget:  http://www.golfsmith.com/product/30038382/taylormade-quiver-carry-bag


I might also suggest you consider playing with 10-12 clubs sometimes as that will certainly lighten the load on the bike, and an added bonus would be that it will allow you to practice shots you might not otherwise have tried.

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I would buy a quality push cart and tow my bag behind my bike.  (I been doing it with surfboards most of my life.)

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i recently got the callaway hyperlite 4.0 for $90 on amazon. it was amazingly light and much better for the walking courses than my ogio cart bag. it has very comfortable straps and weighs 4 lbs.


i know dicks carries a lot of bags, including sunday bags, and you could go there and try some on if you can make the trip.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Golfing Dad. The Quiver Bag seems like exactly what I am looking for! I will consider getting it. I heard of a creative solution by my home course. They said they have bags for me to use on the course so I figure I can put 7 or so clubs in my backpack, bike over, and then borrow a bag from the pro shop. I still think I will need a new bag eventually but at least now I have the option of waiting until later this summer. 


Tin Man, I don't think I am man enough to do the bag tug. I am too busy trying to survive my bike rides. 


Thanks, Tiger for the suggestion. Did you happen to see the Hyperlite 3 on sale for $55? http://www.buy.com/prod/q/loc/101/225063897.html

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hey sliceshowbob,
would you be able to give me your email so we can sort out this bag. Its only letting me do 2 pm's a day. thanks :)

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