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callaway shafts

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having just bought a new set of razr irons fitted with the standard shaft after a couple of rounds i feel confident with the clubs but when i bought the set it came with a free callaway forged wedge fitted with a s300 shaft. i am unsure should i try the wedge or would it be to best to sell it and buy  a razr wedge has anyone else been in a similar situation,

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What loft is the wedge?


Most people can handle the S300 in a wedge - Callaway does it with all their wedges. If you are a 10 index and the wedge fits your eye and it fits into your wedge setup, then it should be fine. But if you like your wedges the same and it's a gap wedge, and doesn't fit into your wedge set - then sell before you try.

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I used an older XForged SW for two years and did quite well with it (as a 19 HDCP back then). It's a shorter shafted club, so a 10 HDCP should be able to handle a new Forged with a little practice.


As Mr. D said, it mainly depends on whether the Forged would fit into your wedge mix.


If your Razr X have the standard M10 Uniflex shafts, the shaft weight would range from 106-115 grams and a functional flex between Regular and Stiff.. The Forged wedge's S300 shaft would weigh about 125 grams, a bit heavier but it's a shorter shafted club so more manageable.


You might to the shop where you bought the irons and get a wedge fitting - see if Forged is what you want and need, or maybe Razr X wedges, or some other brand/model.

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