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Club fitting: get extras for the range?

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I'm planning to get fit for clubs sometime within the next three months.  I'm already excited about the clubs, and I know I'll be over-protective of them for quite a while.


The problem: I won't want to use my clubs at the range.


Question #1: Do any of you order extra 'fitted clubs' for the range? Is that a crazy idea?


I'm thinking of getting a duplicate 6 iron (or 7 iron) and wedge (probably a 52) for the range.  (My typical range routine involves hitting wedge, 6 or 7-iron, 3 iron, 5-wood, and driver.)


Question #2: How much does frequent range use beat up on clubs?  Am I right that it wouldn't be as hard on the clubs if I clean them after each shot on the range?


Question #3:  Once you're fit for clubs, how detrimental to your swing is it to practice with your old (non-fitted) clubs?  What about a different brand/make/model with


Question #4: Any advice for what I should do while I'm in the "my clubs are too new and nice to use at the range" phase?



Thanks in advance.

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Clubs are ment to be hit. You think Any pro practices with differnt clubs than he plays with????

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Originally Posted by hammerhead View Post

Clubs are ment to be hit. You think Any pro practices with differnt clubs than he plays with????

Erik does ...




... at least with his fancy wedges.

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Clubs ARE meant to be hit.  I clean my clubs before I leave the range, usually after I finish hitting each one, so sure, they get wear marks, but they need to be played.  I remember going with a friend to buy some irons a while ago and he wasthold that he'd get the gap wedge free if he bought the floor models but he insisted that he wanted them new.  I finally convinced him that he'd be hitting the ground and the balls and that his clubs wouldn't look any better than the demos after a round or two anyway.

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IMHO, unless your range is a gravel pit, you will probably do less damage to your clubs on the range than you will on the course (with the possibilities of being in sand traps/rough/etc..)...   


But I do suspect that if you are afraid to hit your new clubs on the range, you are probably not going to hit them well on the course for fear of beating them up.....    

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I've got two (okay, actually three, but...) full sets of irons at the house now --  Hogan BH5 and Hogan Apex Plus.  I play with the Apex Plus irons and practice with the BH-5s.  I haven't worried about it because the clubs were both 'standard' sets and relatively cheap (under $200), and I've never had issues switching from the range to the course. (Actually, I usually play better than I practice.)


Once I get fit into clubs, I worry about playing with a 'fitted' set and practicing with a standard set - seems like that could mess up a swing a bit.  No?  And I'm sure that it will take a few weeks and several rounds before I reach the 'clubs are meant to be hit' state.  I get that point --- just saying that I know myself well enough to know that I'll be over-protective of the clubs for a while after I buy them.


Here's another question: what club that is produced today most closely approximates the Hogan Apex Plus Irons?



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I took on new clubs in November - so I know what you mean, OP, by wanting to protect your investment. At the same time, the guys are right. Clubs are meant to be hit. I rotate mine at the range, and yes, I keep a wet towel and brush on the bag, and clean the club every few shots. It makes me take a breather between shots and think about what I'm doing. And that's better than beating ball after ball.


I typical do a lot of drills and like to use my gap wedge since it is the least used club in my bag. But I rotate my wedges for drills and clean them, again, after every few shots. You don't want to blast a hard ball against a dirty club unless you want to wear spots on them sooner than wanted.

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Practice with the clubs you play with.  I hear the heads of golf clubs are made out of this special material, metal I think it is called, that holds up quite well against golf balls.  You'll find a new set of clubs that you know will improve your game before you wear them out.


pro tip I received once:  don't hit rocks

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As others have said, practice with the clubs you play with.


Spend the extra money on dinner out with your wife/significant other or on golf balls........whichever you think will provide you with the best long term return on your investment.  a2_wink.gif

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