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From 250yard carry to a 275 yard carry with one change

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Hi all


I have been posting on here whining on about how I can't find that extra distance, well, after another disappointing round last night I came home and did my usual search on the internet for ideas to try and found a video explaining how you can gain 30-40 yards by just tucking your right elbow into your body on the downswing and kind of syncing it with your body.


This seems to give the control needed to enable the body to really fire through at MAX.


So I have just been up to the local course on a flat par 4 to try this out, and when I kept my arms and hands soft and did this tucking, then fired the body through I caught one measured on google earth at 276yards... On a cold day and I can guarantee that with how the ground is so wet that that ball didn't roll more than 5-6 yards.


So thought I'd share with you my success, I don't think I can believe it myself yet haha


The hang time on that baby was AWESOME... I was starring at it thinking, shit, this things not coming down.

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I actually this explains why I was loosing power towards the longer clubs, because with short irons this tucking happens naturally.



So anyone who hit's their 9 iron 150 but there driver only 240-250... this could be your issue

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Aha !  I make the exact same (re-)discovery this weekend a3_biggrin.gif


I've been trying to work out why my swing's been so variable of late (esp. with longer clubs as you also observe) and it transpires that it's been down to a lack of connectivity and synch between arms and torso, fixed in my case by the "right elbow" swing thought you describe. For me it also helps to eliminates my left arm chicken-wing because there's room for my left arm to be properly straight at impact, adding club-head speed and hence a more effective strike.


"Right elbow in " has now been added to my list of 70+ swing thoughts a2_wink.gif



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The driver has been killing me..I can hit a drive 290 yards but only happens for me once out of 30  swings :(.Cant get that consistancy out of the driver like I do with my other clubs.Will try this tucking the elbow trick.

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I've become significantly more consistent with my driver over the last couple of weeks, almost to the point where I expect my tee shots  to be in the fairway.  This came after a particularly awful round where pretty much everything off the tee balloon sliced.  Here's what I figured out:


1. Stand further away from the ball.  Almost feel like you're reaching for it.  This significantly decreases the change of coming over the top.


2. On my back swing, I exaggerate the feeling of keeping my left wrist flat, to the point where it almost feels like I'm bowing my wrist inward. 


3. Get your right hand out of the equation.  With the first two changes above, I would still sometimes lose one way right.  I was at the range yesterday and hit three in a row that would have been on the next fairway over.  I realized the problem was that I was manipulating the club face with my right hand/arm on my down swing.  Once I focused on a left arm swing, with the right solely there for support, I hit 10 straight 280+ drives that either went dead straight or drew back to the target. 


Not sure if this stuff is personal, but I don't see the harm in trying. 

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This little move (along with the new driver) has really changed my game probably more than any other one thing!  Not only am I hitting driver MUCH farther, but I am in the fairway A LOT more.  This mean shorter approach shots, and more greens hit.  And twice now I have been on a couple par 5's in two, which I have never done before! 

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Yes but what really gives you the power is the way you actually get more behind the ball with this tucking/syncing of the right elbow with the body. It's almost asif you are now using muscles which are much more powerful and haven't been used before.


So this tucking makes your legs move forward but your top half comes backwards creating this angle of attack which is also guna give you less spin


Watch Lee Westwood for a good idea of this move, but they all do this, look at how Rory tucks his right elbow in on his drives

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I just finished Harvey Penick's Little Red Book and "tucking your right elbow into your side" on the downswing is the tip he stresses the most strongly and frequently to the reader.

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Very true, but if you don't get those hips turning early you're still in a heap of trouble.  Yesterday I kept pulling it the first few holes until I realized I wasn't making an aggressive hip turn, which results in an "armsy" swing.  Keep that right elbow in and make sure to bump and turn the hips at the start of the downswing to get the proper angle of attack. 

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Hi, does this tip generally give instant increase in yardage? Im not a very long hitter 220-240 yd inc roll on a good day and would certainly welcome an increase of a few yards on my drives. By the way I am CAC handed. Left handed grip with right handed swing. Any advice welcome.

Dave CAC handed Geordie.

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I bet you have a low penetrating ball flight on your good shots. Cac handed players in my experience have their hands well ahead of the ball at impact (or should have) too. On a dry day your longer club shots must run quite a distance too??. More power for you will be getting your wrists set and a full turn on the back swing like evreyone else but due to where your hands want to be at impact it is much easier for your release to be too early which robs power that was stored. I would move your ball position about between the middle and the right foot and play about (have fun ) and experiment with the results you have. If you are drawing the ball wildly open your set up a little to compensate! though keep the club face straight!. I typically do not advocate compensatory moves but Cac handed players are a special breed.



Here is a picture of john gallagher at or very near impact, it is a bad angle but you can still see just how far forwards his hands are. also his ball position looks nearer to middle too. He would be worth contacting if i were you. Shy boys don't get sweeties. Cack handed tour player!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E85RAmHGi9Q

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I hope this works it is the major thing we are working on in my swing. I am going from and extreme flying elbow to a very tucked elbow. I know it will make my swing better and should help out with the slice. I am a little worried about this distance since this is shorten my back swing about 2 ft. No I am not kidding. with the flying elbow I was going below parallel now just vertical. I seldom could catch one well but when I did I was out about 270. Hope to at least stay around there and hit lots more fairways. 

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Cheers Chopper. I do have a fairly low flight but this alas does not mean I hit a mile with loads of roll. I have a very short backswing maybe just vertical. I dont want to move my ball back in my stance as ive only just started hitting longer irons ( 5,6 ) with the ball a bit forward and getting good results. I am usually very straight 60-70% fir but really need some extra yds off the tee. Anything over 400 yds and ill struggle to reach in 2.

PS well done to the bhoys. I thought we would get you lot in the Europa ( Toon fan ).

Anyway I,ll give this "elbow tuck" a go tomorrow, Never know I may be lucky and temp will be 1 above freezing.

Dave CAC handed Geordie. 

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What happened to the well known drill of using a golf towel tucked under your right arm? If it drops, then you have flailing elbows. If not, then... well- you don't. It won't keep your elbow PLASTERED to your side, but will keep it tucked in with a bit of play without it being too chicken wing like.
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