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4 wood off the tee?

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I've been contemplating changing out my 3 and 5 wood for a 4 wood as is the current trend. But, there are some holes the driver is too much off the tee and I use a 3 wood.


How much real life difference in distance can I expect using the 4 instead of the 3? I know the articles say that the 4 is as long or longer, but I think that's calculated from launch monitor data and pro golfers. What can a high handicap recreational golfer expect?



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Personnally I lost about 10 yrds... But it fits better.... Closer gap to my 3h. I used to hit my 3h further than my 5w.
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I play a 4 wood 17 degree Titleist 910f but I can adjust it to a 3 wood degree or a 5 wood degree which is great. I think sometimes a strong 3 wood could just take the driver out of play completely as some people do not strike drivers as good as the woods or hybrids and I have played many round with no driver or 3 wood and only a 5 wood in the bag an shot very low scores. Distance is not always everything!

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According to E. Michael Johnson in a May 2011 Golf Digest article...


  The results of a 2009 launch-monitor test by Golf Digest found everyday golfers who swing less than 85 miles per hour actually carried the ball five yards longer with a 4-wood as opposed to a 3-wood, while those swinging more than 85 mph hit the 4-wood eight yards longer. (Elite players still hit 3-woods farther than 4-woods). In both instances the ball went higher too, providing a softer landing for those using the club on approaches into greens.

Read More http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-tours-news/2011-05/golf-johnson-equipment-0530#ixzz2EbC9HBwc


Above article link also has info on Tour pros and the 4W.


This summer, I went from a Calla X.Tour 3W (15*) and a 19* TM Raylor (5W, more or less) to a RBZ 3W.HL (17*, so it's a 4W) and an RBZ 7W. Had hook problems at first (regular RBZ FWs have slight draw bias and a 45 gr. shaft), but a thicker grip seems to have lessened this problem.


Anyway, when I swing smoothly, an OK hit with the "4W" goes 210 yds., about 10 yds. longer than an excellent hit with the old 3W.


General cautions:

  • Really test hit any FWs - especially those with lightweight shafts - to make sure they fit your swing.
  • Look at the specs sheet for the model before building a new FW mix. The RBZ "4w" and the 5W are only 2 degrees different in loft. I dumped the 5W - fortunately before I hit it - in favor of the 7W.

              Basically, 4W = 17*, 7W = 21*; 4W had an inch longer shaft.

              So... 4W goes 15 - 18 yds. longer than the 7W.

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I don't think I've lost noticeable distance by switching to a 4 wood. I still get about the same distance as my regular playing partner when he tees off with his 3 wood, which was the case when I carried my last 3 wood (07 Burner). For me, I think it's about the same when I hit the 4 off the tee, and definitely better off the deck than my old 3 wood.
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I had a Ping G15 4 wood for a while and it seem just as long and my G15 3 wood. I just made the switch to all Titleist and went with a 4 wood instead of a 3. I lowered the loft and with the shorter shaft I get about the same distance but it's easier to control. I've only used it one round so far, but I can already tell I made the right choice.

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I only carry in my bag two woods: a driver and a 4 wood (both Ping G20). Rest are irons starting with 3 iron. The 4 wood is a great club.
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Thanks for the replies.  I presently use a Ping G15 driver, so th G15 4 wood will be the first one I look at.


Curious about the new G25 also.

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