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Blade putters

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I'm not talking the heel-toe weighted putters like the Anser, which I would not classify as blades. I'm talking the Palmer, Crenshaw and Mickelson blade putters. I have never gamed one, but I just put a bid on a Wilson Staff 8813 and it looks gorgeous, can't wait to try it.


My question is, what are the other incarnations and models - I think MacGregor made one at one time, and maybe Callaway also made one for Lefty?

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The Yes! Sophia is another nice one.  I have the first 'version' of it and I really like the classic looks combined with the modern C-grooves.

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I had a Mizuno Bettinardi BC7 a couple years ago.  I lusted after it for years before I found a reasonable deal on Ebay and after a week practicing with it, I decided that I hated it and it wasnt for me.

You had to hit it exactly on the sweet spot of else the ball would go off line and lose distance.  It sure was a pretty putter but Id take an Anser or a Bullseye over a, "true" blade putter any day.

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Odyssey ProType PT 82 Putter (Phil Mickelson) can be found on e-bay pretty cheap.

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Golfsmith sells a Lynx blade putter that can be had new for $40.  Worth a shot if you want to try one but dont want to drop $100+ for a namebrand blade putter.

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