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Losing Weight

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Thought since the new year is just days away, and we all know the new years revolution will probably be loosing weight for many people, i thought i throw out some information i learned.


Weight loss is complicated. I know many will say that its calorie surplus or calorie deficit, that is true, but calculating this is insanity. 


I found a website that had a simple method,


Weight gain: 18-20 cal/lb of body weight

maintenance: 14-16 cal/lb of body weight

Weight loss: 10-12 cal/lb of body weight


Now, these are not exact, going to gaurantee you weight loss equations here. These are starting points. So many times people get way to specific and give up on it all. If after a month you are not loosing weight, then drop down 2 cal/lb and see what the next month gives you. But be warned, the equation changes drastically. You start working out more for example, or you suddenly get injured and can't work out at all for a month. The equations do change.


But to truly loose weight, you need to really keep track of what your eating. In a world full of convenience, attention to detail is key. You don't need to go all crazy, but some great resources are available, like, Myfitnesspal.com for those with smart phones, or Calorieking.com 


Key's to weight loss

1) keep track of what you eat, don't be so precise that you feel like your punishing yourself. Its alright to let up once in a while, indulge a bit

2) Be more active

3) If your not loosing weight then cut back on what you eat. If your sure your keeping track of everything, your more active and your not getting leaner, go see a doctor. Hormone inbalance can kill weight loss

5) eat a slight surplus for the week, just to reset the body's metabolism

4) get your whole family to join in on changing the lifestyle, support groups are great

5) make it fun, not all exercise has to be hours on a tredmill. 

7) SLEEP, get rid of the TV in the bedroom. Get really good drapes or blinds. Don't interact with the TV or computer before bed. Dedicate some down time right before bed. I set my TV for a 40 minute sleep, to shut off. I cover up my alarm clock, and i don't use the computer before bed. I sleep so much better now. Artificial light will kill your sleep. Inadequate sleep will kill weight loss

8) don't be obsessed with the scale. Your body weight can shift depending on your carb loading and how much water you drink, and other factors

9) The best way to see your loosing weight, use a multitude of methods. Take a picture from the same spot. Measure the cirumferance of the waist, arms, thighs, chest, neck. Typically people loose body fat form outward in. Meaning from the hands, arms, feat, legs, neck. Last to go is the abdominal region. So start by measuring the wrist, neck, calves, thighs, ect.. When those become stable, work on the waist. That's not saying the waist will shrink as well, its just last to go. 

10) When you make a change, stick to it for at least 1-2 months. Habits form after 27 days. 

11) In the words of nike, "JUST DO IT", take an action, stop thinking, stop saying, "I'll make this grand plan, study all this stuff, get ready to make this change". MAKE THE CHANGE!!!

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Originally Posted by saevel25 View Post

Weight loss is complicated.


I disagree. As you said, it's simply calories ingested versus calories burned. Yes, your metabolism can shift, various foods can be used slightly differently by your body, and all that jazz, but losing weight is complicated because people over-complicate it and the diet companies prey on making it seem more complicated than it is.


Eat less. Exercise more. If you were previously maintaining your weight, you'll lose weight.


It's simple and it works for 95% of people who aren't morons (i.e. replacing eating a quarter pound of lean chicken breast with 0.2 pounds of Reese's Pieces or something) or who don't have some bizarre body chemistry.


And it's "losing," with one o, please. :)


P.S. I started running well over a year ago, and then took some personal training classes from a friend so she could show me some exercises to work on more than my legs. I ate the same foods but just had smaller portions, and mixed in a few healthier options that tasted good (like a Monster shakes for lunch).

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yes, it does sound like i rebuked my self. I meant to mean it as you say, people make it overly complicated. As i did for a long time. 


Ah, sorry, but google doesn't red line loosing, which is weird :p 

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I wish losing it was as easy as finding it. I am not one of the genetically gifted. To be half fit requires me to workout like an pro athlete. At 44 yrs I have some fat I just can't get rid of no matter how much effort I put into leaning out. I'm going to hit it hard Jan-Mar and see what happens. If I can't get rid of it I see cold laser fat removal in my future.

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Well some fat, means different for many people. But if your looking at getting rid of that last fat you want, i would give intermittent fasting a try, or try going very low carb for a while, then sprinkle in a few days of high carbs. Also, i would watch how much you work out. If your into weight lifting, you can over train and have detrimental effects to your health. 


Also have you been adjusting your calorie intake to match your new weight? If your eating like your 20 lbs heavier, of course you will gain wait, then you will drop off and loose weight, its a bad cycle. Think of it this way, if you loose 20lbs, your looking at near 300-400 calories per day you need to cut from your life to adjust for not carrying that weight around. Every 10 days, that's 1 lb of fat added.

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Get an app:




It's marvelous

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I use calorie count and because I am a creature of habit it's easy. I have foods I eat regularly in my favorites and it's easy to log the days food and exercise. I'm probably more thorough than most, I weigh my foods, track everything, even the water I drink. For me the last few trouble spots are just due to bad luck. I'll kick it up a notch before spring and see what happens. My previous goal was more of a body building/cycling thing but after being consumed by golf this year my training and diet will change.

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Originally Posted by Mr. Desmond View Post

Get an app:




It's marvelous

I've used the myfitness app, and I agree its a great app. Although now I have no use for it, as I'm currently reading Eat To Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. In a nutshell it's all about his food pyramid and limiting junk food/processed foods, meat and dairy. Sounds inpossible but it's not. I havent eaten meat in a year, but I HAD to have dairy (Ranch Dressing and Cheese) up until 1 month or so ago. Gave up dairym fruit juice and white rice/bread and pasta. Had a nagging headache about a week, but now I feel fine. When I started I weighed 199 lbs. After only about a month of eating this way Im down to as of yesterday 184.8. (Im 6"3 by the way)  Food Pyramid below



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See i don't agree with that, Beef and cheese should not be linked with processed foods, that's just a hater of meat :p 

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