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Mizuno MP-H4?

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Has anyone had the opportunity to hit the new Mizuno MP-H4 full set? How do the longer irons feel? Thinking of taking the dive if I get a chance.

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Tristan has:



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Ive hit them.  Theyre very much like the older MP Fli-Hi and if you prefer a long iron over a more traditional wood-like hybrid, they are worth a look.

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Exactly I had a old set of slazrnger amp irons that had a very similar makeup of the h4 . I could hit them a mile. Then I got cocky and thought ill get done ch16 tours now even though then are forgiving it takes alot more effort to get the ball up . I found myself only liking the short irons and hating 5 and 6. So then I found the h4 which was essentially the same as my slazrngers but Soft , forged and a more playable. Bingo that's exactly what I wanted so I got them 4-9 iron with gs95 s300 which is a higher launching shaft that's a little softer than normal dynamic golds. I'm so excited to get them .
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I hit these today as part of a fitting session. Tried the 3 and 4 iron with both steel and graphite shafts (Dynamic Gold SL and Project X 5.5). They both went ridiculously straight. My worst shot was 4 yards off line. I'm a low launch guy, so generally do well with hybrids -- but I'm seriously thinking about getting a couple of these for windy days. 

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