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Opinion: Happy Herbie commercial

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What do you think about our new commercial for the Orange Whip Trainer: "Happy Herbie" ?


We would love your feedback!

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Cute.  I love the "Directile Dysfunction" line.

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Your kid make that ad?

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Well, since you asked.....


Frankly, I don't think much of it.    I own an Orange Whip trainer and find it is a very good training tool, but I don't feel the commercial does an effective job of promoting the benefits or stimulating interest.     To me, effective advertising is something that catches the eye; connotes the benefits of the product; creates a desire to associate with the product; and stimulates a call to action by the target audience member.    


I think your commercial spent too much time on the first part (trying to get something that catches the eye) but left out the other parts of effective advertising.    It feels to me like one of your creative people had the idea to mimic that old male enhancement commercial (I don't recall the product) with "Smiling Bob", but stuck to the idea to the point where the product is lost in the commercial.    At some point, someone should have said  "Okay, the parody is cute but does this really work for our product?".    


You have a good product, and you have a visual image already created with the big orange ball on the end of a stick, and your product name "Orange Whip" matches that image.     You didn't build on this, and I feel in taking such a different tack you've lost some of the key things you can market the product around.  


Hey, you asked!!!

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I chuckled, but it's not something that would encourage me to buy the product.....
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lol Reminds me of a male enhancement commercial of a male golfer named Bob...They said he was sporting wood
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Due respect, I thought it was seriously lame.  Herbie looks like a complete jerk.  The "directile dysfunction" line was cringeworthy.  And the whole thing with the cart girl was just creepy.  Having him get hit in a delicate spot with a ball was the best part - until it didn't hurt him, because II wanted Herbie to be hurt at that point, sad to say. 


It is almost as if you were playing into all of the worst stereotypes of golf.

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Do these orange whip people think golfers connect to morons like Herbie? This add makes me not want to buy your product.


Also: the whip doesn't help you train your puttingstroke, so why are you telling it is? On a scale form 1 to 10 this add rates a 2.

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Originally Posted by scv76 View Post

lol Reminds me of a male enhancement commercial of a male golfer named Bob...They said he was sporting wood


It's a parody of that commercial.  That's what it was supposed to do.....

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There is no humor in Golf!

I thought it was great! Could've been a bit shorter and more informational... But people watching the golf channel for example, know of the product, and the branding is there already.

Food for thought... Get Ben Crane to make a training video. I'd buy one just to see what he'd do with it in 60 seconds... Or just parody that!
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For what it is worth, I too have an Orange Whip but I still thought the add was effective.  If they had gone with the super-duper technology, whiz bang approach that all other golf ads do, it would have been more of the same.

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Thanks for your comments. Positive and negative, we wanted to hear them all! We appreciate your time to let us know your thoughts!

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