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shaft rusting

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hey guys. i took a look at my irons this week before the season begins and noticed some rust spots or something forming. they wre all over my six iron and i took the rough side of a sponge to it. the rust came off, but little tiny dots on the metal were left. im not sure if they are pits or something, i can not really tell. i have some pictures for you guys to look at. do you guys think it would be safe to play with this club? any danger of the shaft snapping? also i am sorry if the pictures are not that clear. it is hard to get the camera to focus on such a small area. thanks for the help!. 


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Small spots aren't anything to worry about. But I'd do what I could to slow down the progression of rust - keep your clubs in dry locations with reasonable air circulation.

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One danger can be rust inside the shaft. One club mfg rep cautioned against using Sensicore inserts (dampens vibration to hands) if you live in a moist region - the Sensicore membrane will absorb moisture, and could start internal rust.


Same goes with keeping clubs in a freezing garage, and then bringing them into the warm house: condensation can start rust spots.


US military has similar problem in winter climates: soldiers and Marines generally keep rifles outdoors when sleeping in tent to prevent metal "sweating" if brought into warm tents. This assumes, of course, you're sleeping in a reasonably secure area.

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I too have had the same occurrence.  I have only had my new clubs since June!  I used a sponge, soapy water and my finger nail to remove them and they are as good as new now.  I didn't really expect it to happen so fast as we have just had a pretty good summer (in the UK), they are less than 6 months old and I have washed them a few times during the season.


I'm not worried too much about them snapping just yet. 


Does anyone have any other ideas on stopping this surface rust happening?  I have read a bit around and WD-40 (the bog standard, non silicon version) is recommended, as above to keep them in a dry place... Has anyone used a chrome cleaning or care product at all?

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Unfortunately you more than likely obtained a set of clubs which the shafts came from a poor production process. The spots are caused by impurities absorbed into the chrome.

The rust spots then occur after a duration of exposure to moisture.


They probably will not have problems, but there is a possible chance they may fatigue at some point in time.


Prevention of rust forming on the spots you already have, could be deterred by removing the spots with a fine grade sandpaper (300 grit) and then apply an automotive polish.


There are other issues that have been mentioned which may occur (rust on the interior of the shafts), that could lead to deterioration over an extended period of time.


If you find the rust continues to become more noticeable, then the only option would be to replace the shafts or retire the entire set of clubs.


If you clubs are still under warranty, you would certainly be entitled to replacement.

Most club manufactures are very receptive to returns of their products under these circumstances.


Club Rat

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I think I will get in touch with Mizuno and see what the deal is with the warranty.  Im pretty sure there is a 1 year warranty for manufacturer faults, shaft faults are subjective from what I have read though. 

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0000 steel wool. No scratches just beautiful shine. Follow with silicone cloth available at local gun shop.
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