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What Is Your Favorite Masters Memory?

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Undoubtedly my favorite tournament of the year is The Masters. It has traditions like none other: the par three contest; the annual dinner with the menu being chosen by the prior year's champion, and, of course, the green jacket.


My favorite memory is from 1960. I was 10 years old at the time and just starting to golf. It was the week before Easter and there was a lot of excitement about the Masters Golf Tournament. I had heard about this professional golfer from Western Pennsylvania who had already won four golf tournaments that year.  His name: Arnold Palmer.


As our family watched the broadcast, we waited with anticipation to see Arnie.  Remember, back in those days TV would pick up the golfers at the 15th hole. Arnie was one shot back when he made a long 30 foot putt on 17 to tie Ken Venturi for the lead. Then Mr. Palmer hit his approach to 6 feet on 18. After watching Billy Casper, a notoriously good putter, miss his 6 foot birdie putt, we held our breath in quiet anticipation. But, never fear, Arnie made his putt and I had a new hero. Arnie then won three more tournaments that year, including the U.S. Open, for a total of 8 tournament wins. Not only was he a winner, but he was gracious and a swashbucker, to boot.


I have watched every Masters since then, even to the extent of upsetting my wife on Easter Sunday when that was the final day of the tournament, and she wanted me to hide Easter eggs in the yard. (It must be noted that I did hide the eggs, but quickly returned to the TV to watch the broadcast.)


Now, would anyone else be willing to share their favorite moment from the Masters?


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1986 - need I say more?

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Originally Posted by Fourputt View Post

1986 - need I say more?



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1986 - Jackie "Be good.." Jack "It is..."  which he said he was actually embarrassed that he made such a bold statement while the ball was in the air. He discussed this on Feherty recently.


Phil's 4i, Tiger's chip and Bubba's hook are awfully hard to beat though.

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This off-season. 

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I wasn't alive in 1986, so I'll say 2005. Specifically, Tiger's chip-in. I remember watching that live, thinking initially that he had mis-hit it first, then thinking there was no chance that thing would fall into the cup.
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2:46.00 to 2:46.30 of this video
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Originally Posted by jamo View Post

I wasn't alive in 1986


Good grief.  Tell me it isn't so.....


I have socks older than you!   d1_bigcry.gif

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I think I'd go for Faldo coming back to beat Norman in '96.  I didn't (and don't) particularly like Faldo or dislike Norman but it was compulsive viewing in a car crash sort of way.  Any chance for Norman ended on sixteen but from around the turn it was all horribly inevitable.  Faldo was super impressive.  


There's a small thing that sticks in my mind relatively early in the round - on 7 or 8 I think - where Faldo had already reduced the lead a by a couple of shots.  Anyway, he missed a birdie putt and swung the putter around him in annoyance - he hit himself on the back of the head with the putter handle and had a jokey reaction of wobbling his legs and rubbing the back of his head.  I've seen that clip replayed since but I remember at the time thinking it was great psychology from Faldo - to make it look like this was an enjoyable Sunday stroll for him when he knew Norman was really feeling it.  


The shot of the round for me was on 12 - Norman had just fallen back to level with Faldo.  Faldo with the honour - and he hits a textbook shot left of the pin.  Norman goes in the water.  Brilliant matchplay, brilliant drama.

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I didn't start following golf on TV until 1992.............



for me, watching a young kid destroy the Masters field in 1997 stands out......that was insane.

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I've only watched for a few years, so the only one I've seen that's really exciting to me is phil's 4i from the pinestraw. 

great embodiment of phil's go for broke play.

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Probably the 2005 Tiger chip-in but I wasn't exactly old enough to truely appreciate it, so I'll go with Bubba's crazy hook last year

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Originally Posted by Fourputt View Post

1986 - need I say more?

Same for me!

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Originally Posted by onephenom View Post

I've only watched for a few years, so the only one I've seen that's really exciting to me is phil's 4i from the pinestraw. 
great embodiment of phil's go for broke play.

Think it was a 6i, but knowing Phil his 6i probably had 25* loft.
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Mickelson dropping the 18 footer to win in 2004........for a long, long suffering Mickelson fan, that whole second 9 on Sunday in 2004 was the payoff


I'm not embarrassed to admit it..........great thread

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Even though it was only last year, the Bubba hook shot was incredible, it was a make or break moment. The fact that his caddy said it wasn't possible just shows how bad ass Bubba is.

Shame he hasn't shown up to the party this year.
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Unrelated to play: My personal fav memory was during a practice round I was sitting on 18th hole near the end of the day and not many players, people were still around the hole. Shadows were getting long - and out comes Jackie Nicklaus with a small kid who looked like it was probably his son.  Jackie was pointing things out and looked to be having a father-son moment out there.  I'm guessing he was explaining stuff about his grandfathers' great moments. Thought it was a touching moment.


Another quick memory......

A time during a practice round where my friend and I went out after work, and my friend was still in his Army BDUs (uniform). He really looked out of place out there  - but up comes Jack Stephens who greets/welcomes my friend. Really nice gesture by the Chairman at the time.  Guess years ago it was common to have military members in uniform following the players.   Augusta National is very good to the military - that's the only way I got to see regular rounds - they donated 100 badges to the military at Ft Gordon where there was a lottery for one day badges. I always put in for Thursdays - and got a ticket.  Good deal - and one main reason I asked the Army to send me there for an assignment two different times in my career.

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I'm trying to come up with one better than Jack shooting 30 on the back nine in 1986 to win...but I can't. Birdie-Birdie-Bogey-Birdie-Par-Eagle-Birdie-Birdie-Par.


A couple of others come to mind though -


1991 Tom Watson eagling BOTH par 5s on the back nine on Sunday trying to catch Ian Woosnam. 

Scott Hoch's missed two-footer in 1989 in the playoff with Faldo. It didn't even touch the hole.

Seve's lonely walk back up the 10th fairway after missing a par putt in the playoff in 1987 with Mize & Norman.


And, of course, Norman's implosion in 1996. There was a joke going around after that - 


What does Greg Norman & I Dream of Jeannie have in common? They both blew their Masters.

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