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100mph = 44.4m/s ??  

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Here in Asia we see the brand KASCO on bags, clubs, caps  and balls.  My shop is offering 12 new Super Sonic Soft Kasco balls for USD13, which is a good buy. I do think this model is out of date now, however.  I checked Kasco's web site and found a number of balls and the various performance specs for each.  But when i read 'clubhead speed' what i found were numbers like 25, 30, 45 m/s.


Usually i see mph, not m/s so i did a little calculation to convert miles per hour to meters per second.

Do you agree that 100 mph converts to 44.4 meters per second? 


One thing the Kasco does offer are great ball colors. And, curiously, 

some balls have  2cores/one cover;  others, one core/2covers.


check them out here. 


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I don't think so .. Top if my head, pretty sure 44 m/s = 30 mph

Therefore 100 mph converts to 147 m/s

Or am I confusing m/s with km/hr?
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Yep my bad I was remembering a conversion from school where 60 mph = 88 km/he as m/s
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