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good hybrid??

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looking for a good, easy to hit hybrid in the 200 yard range.

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That's impossible to answer.

Clubs have lofts, not distances. Depending on your swing and your ability level, the ball will fly differently for everyone.

I personally don't have a 200-yard hybrid, because even my 3-hybrid is good for about 185 tops. Maybe my 3-wood is good for 200 if I hit it well.

Anyway, as for the "easy to hit" part, I suppose I'd look for a "game improvement" or "super game improvement" hybrid. I mean, hybrids by their very nature are designed to be easier for beginners to hit than long irons... but some are easier than others.

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Try Ping, Adams and the new Titilest 913 non tour version. It is the only hybrid I have ever liked.
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Old Nickent Ironwoods. Awesome hybrids and you can usually get them for under $100 even new.

Agree with Walkthecourse, no way to to say how far you'll hit them but the 3h will easily go 200 if you put a good swing on it.
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RBZ 3 goes about 200 for me and is the easiest club to hit. You can work it left to right and right to left also can hit it high or low easily. Ive found if I make a effort to swing easy with it I can almost always hit it how I want. 

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