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any thoughts on Scotty Cameron Futura Putter?

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apart from looks which I don't mind, what do you guys think about the putter?

i am thinking of buying it used and it seems like a decent putter.

all i've read from other reviews are regarding its looks...

its the 2003 model- any thoughts?

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It's okay. Feels like crap, but the look isn't that terrible.
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Do you need that help?


One of the first big MOI putters. Better Tech and Refinements have emerged since 2003 that you can purchase as used. Unless you want some thing that says "Scotty" on it.

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I wasn't a big fan. Couldn't seem to get the ball to roll straight off the face.
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If you're looking for a high MOI putter, TM Daddy Long Legs, Ping Nome and Odyssey TANK are getting a lot of good reviews. 

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As someone that is still using the putter, I can say that it works for me. I have the mid version and it provides a great roll. I had to get past the sound which is a little "ting", but the sound of the ball rattling in the cup more than makes up for it.  

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I retired it last year... It was a good putter when I used it regularly on fast greens, but on slow greens it just doesn't explode off the face enough. I found that I changed my stroke to compensate... moved on the the odyssey 2ball, much heavier and a smoother roll on all types of greens. Good luck!

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Hey everyone new to this site, but i thought i'd put in my 2 cents. I used a Futura and as great of a putter as it was like mentioned before if you play slower greens it may cause some problems if you use your normal stroke. When it was time to hang it up I looked at a few different options. I rolled a white hot two ball (not a big insert guy), itsy bitsy spyder (again insert), and a black series two ball. The black series felt great, but for the price i thought why not get another Cameron. That was until a friend showed up with one the the worst looking putters I have ever seen. He had bought an Odyssey sabertooth backstyke. At first I kinda chuckled, but then I took it for a spin. Wow I thought every putt just rolled perfect off the face to my suprise. To shorten the story I went out and bought one and haven't looked back. Even with the insert (which i had preached against for so long) it felt great. So my opinion save your self some cash and pick one up. I know they can be had for around $60-$90 new now a days.

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I've been using this putter since 2003, it will need to be pried out of my cold, dead hands!  I love this thing, once you get used to it, leaving it in the garage in your golf bag will not be ok anymore.  Mine is in a nice velvet lined box, sorta coffin like, next to my bed. I buy it gifts every holiday, no kidding.  My only issue is when playing in direct sunlight this thing shines back in your face like that nice side mounted cop car light! Seriously, that's the only issue i have with this putter.  I can use it from well off the green with ease.  Putting is my favorite part of the game and i couldn't imagine using another putter. Grab an old one for cheap on ebay and try it out, give it a few rounds and you'll love it. 

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