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3/4 swing

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I am really starting to play a 3/4 swing iron shot more and more.  Knocks some distance off it but is much more accurate.  Coming into a green it is becoming my go to shot.  Club up, restrict the backswing and nice smooth downswing.  I like having in my head that I have too much club.  It makes my tempo smooth.


Does anyone else play this type of shot?

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I've tried doing this but it tends to mess up my timing even more than it is normally messed up. I try to be so easy that I don't close the face then I'll end up snapping too much to compensate for the last swing. Partial swings are something I'm going to start working on because it will help a lot with in between distances and under 100 yd shots.

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I rarely ever kill a wedge or iron for that matter.  I tend to play more towards a 90% swing, but in regards to the question along with my "90% swing" I do play wedges at 3/4 length but my tempo isn't really laid off because when I do that I pull way left.  I remind myself to accelerate and recently I've been happy with my wedge play which has led me to my best golf to-date.

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I use it all the time. I pretty much never take a "full" swing these days. It just seems the accuracy is so much better.
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Unless I really need to hoist one high with an iron or really spin a wedge, I hit knock down shots most of the time. Much easier for me to control distance that way.

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I do this especially with my wedges. If I try to kill it with a wedge, bad things usually happen. 

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It's probably not really even a 3/4 swing. It's probably more like a regular swing, or as long as your swing should be.


I say that as a good thing.

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I wouldn't call what I do a "3/4" swing. It's really just clubbing up, but not trying to kill the ball. Just a nice smooth full swing, and my accuracy has greatly improved. I lost 20 yards off my driver, but my FIR has gone way up.

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