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Finally broke 90!!!

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I said yesterday that I was gonna break 90 that night. Well, I didn't...but I did today!!! I've already littered a few threads with the "breaking news", but I'm still giving it its own thread! b2_tongue.gif


Shot an 87 at one of my local courses, and it could have EASILY been in the 70s. 


Just got my driver back from warranty work, so I was CRUSHING the ball, but spraying it all over, put two OB on a par 5, so it's always fun to be hitting 5 off the tee to end up with a quintuple bogey. Also left about 3-4 putts out there, and made a couple mental mistakes. 


Started on the back nine, finished on the front. On 18, knowing I needed a double bogey or better for sub 90, I pushed my drive right, had to punch back out, hit a wedge on the green, and sunk a 30+ footer for par. What a day...and I was actually disappointed with a lot of my play...go figure.



Only 3 holes over bogey...now on the hunt for sub 80...I think I can do it before the summer is over...


EDIT: GO SEE AN INSTRUCTOR!!!! Erik (iacas) has done more for my game in 1 session, than 3 years of golfing could ever do.

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Congratulations.....that's a big deal! a1_smile.gif
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Congratulations! a3_biggrin.gif

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Good job there, Slice. Way to take out the trash. 



Seriously, congrats. c2_beer.gif


PS- Possible spoilers if you're not a Dexter fan. 

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