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Two Aces in 1 round?

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Was playing at the UBC golf course up in Vancouver.. finished up and was getting a drink and saw the 'hole in 1' board..


there was one guy who got two spots, highlighted in red.. thought - oh cool he got two aces.. that's amazing.

Look closer, and holy @#$!  The two came on the same day, the two par 3s on the front 9..  wow..


How rare is that? it seems to be essentially "impossible".. but wanted to see others experiences..

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That guy had to buy everyone in the clubhouse 2 beers.
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Odds of 67 million to 1.


Should have bought a lottery ticket. a3_biggrin.gif

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Andrew Dodt did it in a European Tour event this year.  Nordea Masters.

Unfortunately, no cameras and no car.



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A local guy In Albany got 3 in one month, and a 14 year old got one with his first swing ever on a golf course.

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I work with a guy got 2 in the same round, 19 handicapper, didn't think anything of it either!

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Originally Posted by Crim View Post

How about two aces....back to back!?



I read about something similar to this is the latest Golf Digest or Golf Magazine. It was one of those things where they ask a bunch of different questions and get the short answers, going for a couple pages like that. I think it was the Bethpage Black head pro (if I remember the correct article) where he got his first hole in one, then hit another one right after after that wrapped in the flag and dropped in. At least that's what he said for the article.

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We had a guy who made 2 aces in one of our monthly MGA tournaments this year.  As stated previously, the odds are 1 in 67million.  He was kinda funny about it.  Said it was the only way he could break 80. 

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