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which ball should i be using?

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i am pretty inconsistant with the ball i use. i am currently using Bridgestone e6 and they are all right. i have used pro v1x, penta tp 3, lethals, pro v1, and a ton of others but dont have a "set ball i prefer". what do you think i should use? i am 14 and drive it 270 average and my short game is pretty good.

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Lots of things to consider.  How much do you spin it, what's your swing speed, how far do you carry your driver/7iron?  I would think the type of balls in the Pro V1 category would all work for you.  Here's a review Erik and I did for Bridgestone balls.



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To me all golf balls feel the same if they have the same cover, like Urethane for premium golf balls.


I agree with mvmac, picking a golf ball is like fine tuning what you want in your game. Does you drives have to much spin, you could go with a Pro-V1x over a Pro-V1. Do you think multiple layers help you through out the whole golf set, then something like the 5 piece Penta might be a choice. 


Personally i like any ball that has a Urethane cover, just better feel around the greens, and for putting. 

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I could use a bit of advice on ball selection, I am currently using refurbished pro v1's but I am looking for something that helps with distance and straightness of the tee while not sacrificing to much around the green, any have any recommendations???

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If you have the opportunity, I think a ball fitting is helpful. I was able to attend a Bridgestone ball fitting a couple of years ago. My clubhead speed was around 103-104, and with the other factors figured in I was sort of between the 330 and 330RX, with the 330 slightly better. A couple of birthdays later-I am in my mid-fifties- I seem to get a little better results with the RX. I can also play about the same with either of the ProV1's, but I do think my swing speed is not quite up to them. In less expensive balls, I like the Titleist DT SoLo better that the Bridgestone E-Series I have used, but have been meaning to try the Fix. I think Bridgestone is on the right track with developing a premium ball that works for the slower swing speeds. To the OP, if your carry with the driver is truly 270, you probably have enough swing speed to use any ball. If possible, play nine sometime by yourself when the course isn't crowded and hit the same shots with a few of your favorites to see if one stands out for you.
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