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Driver, 3 - 5 on a $200 budget - opinions?

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My wife had me all excited by saying she was going to get me a matching driver, 3 and 5 wood set for my birthday.
I started looking around and getting ideas, then she told me my budget would be about $200.
I had planned to spend $200 on the driver alone.

Do I stand a prayer of getting any sort of good, matched set for $200.

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Absolutely.  Check out Globalgolf.com.  If you are ok with a year or two old model, you should be fine with that budget.

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Absolutely.  The truth is that the technology has really not changed THAT much over the past few years and as 14ledo said, just get some that are a few years old.  Based upon what you are playing now, you are going to have to take a club or two out of your bag if you get all three.  Keep in mind, depending on how you play, you don't need all three woods.  You could play just the 3, or the 5, or get a 4 wood.  Its worth thinking about how many times you would actually hit the 3 or 5 vs. one (or two) of the other clubs  that you would have to take out.

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Yep.  Nothing wrong with used clubs, and while a matched set is nice, it isn't mandatory.  If you're pretty happy with your current fairways maybe what you really want is a newish driver, people are always swapping them out and $200 should get you a pretty nice late model club.


I have been carrying a driver, 4 and 7 for some time, and only hit the four once or twice per round (though this is largely a function of the course I usually play).  But a 4 will do the job of a 3 and 5 for a lot of golfers.  The 7 sits in place of a 3 iron because I can hit it better than any hybrid I have tried to date.  1, 3 and 5 are a very common mix, but I'm just saying you don't have to stick with that if something else fits your game better.

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Don't really have any fairway woods. I have a $20 driver from Wal-Mart and I go straight to my 4 iron after that.
I don't have any problems with older models.
This is encouraging! I'm excited again. Thanks guys!

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I don't want to talk you into something you are not inclined to do, but if you do not have a hybrid, you could get a 3 iron hybrid rather than a 5 wood.

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I personally went the Gigagolf route, as I had a 250 budget for my irons, and needed club adjustment. Picked up 5-P, 52, 58... very happy with quality. I'm by no means any good as a golfer, but hit them as good as anyone else I saw on the range.
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I've found incredible deals on CL. you could look on eBay but everyone Does that and prices are almost always market value. CL is people trying to unload stuff quick willing to take less then market value
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Plenty of good online dealers will have decent deals on clubs that should work in your budget, if there's no Golfsmith or other chain around where you can go shopping.


For less than $200, here's a brand new Adams driver and 3 wood combo, since you were asking about matched clubs





If you go gently used, you can definitely get some great deals. I'm partial to 3Balls as I've bought some gear from them and was very happy with quality and price. But you can find other very reputable dealers (again, if you have to shop online) where you can find great prices and selections.

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I check pawn shops. I live north of Houston and drive all over the area during work hours. I've found used Taylor Made, Titleist and Callaway sets. As well as so many other cheaper sets. I've never bought a new club. If you have the time it's a great way to get good deals. Most of the time they will bargain if you have cash if they are tired of seeing them sitting there. If you have neither the time or patience Craig's list is always good. I just worry about people with bad intentions. If you are meeting someone to buy an item off CL always go with a friend. Preferably one that won't run when the SHTF!!
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Check the Callaway preowned site. The link is below. I bought a Razr Fit for $117 this afternoon.

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Forget the 5 wood.  Most people I play with don't carry them anymore.  I think since hybrids came along the defacto driver, 3 wood, 5 wood bag combo has become a thing of the past.  If I had that kinda money I'd be getting myself fit for a quality 3 wood.  To each his own... but my Burner 5 wood is collecting dust and has been for 2 years.

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You might check out Rockbottomgolf.com, too. I've found some stuff there at pretty good prices. It's all a couple years old, but still new.
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You could get a very decent pre-owned driver and I suggest a 4-wood. Or shop around like at Walmart, Sports Authority, I found my Adams Titanium Tight Lies High Launch driver at Walmart brand new for $40. And the thing that you may want to consider is not having to have two fairway woods. A 4-wood, for me, is the perfect long fairway club and my Ping G20 is long enough for hitting into par 5s and easy to hit off the tee as well. As far as matching set, since the driver swing is different than fairway woods you may find that it isn't that big of deal. It's all personal choice of course. Good luck and happy golfing!
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