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Ok so just a question.. I hit my driver very very high. It's a cobra amp and also same thing with my 3 wood another cobra amp. Could it be because the shaft? If so what are some good shafts for hitting low
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Are these center of the face hits? Could be your swing, How high is it teed up, where in your stance is the ball? you could simply just be hitting on the up. For good shafts look at the Enzo Zolo HL4 or also the RT Technologies Zeus LT.

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Yes in the center and tee it up low so when I put the club next to the ball it's lined up to the center of the face. It's on my the inside of my left foot
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move the ball back so you aren't catching it on the upswing?
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it's recommended the ball be placed in line with the left heel... as far as all the reading, and watching I've encountered indicates.
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I'm not a teaching pro so maybe someone with a little more experience with this could help but a cast could also cause a high launch. 

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But this just started happening when I got this driver that's why I'm wondering if it's the shaft
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Is the loft the same? If all else is the same then shaft is the only thing left...
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Actually a lower loft. Use to have a 10.5 but down to 9.5. I have a fast swing speed. Was just wondering if this happens to anyone else
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You may have a low bend point in shaft which translates to higher ball flight.
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I purchased a prolaunch red shaft for my driver because I was having the same problem and it has help a lot. I went with that shaft on a recommendation from someone on this site and it did exactly what it says it does. Besides it was only $49 which was sweet. At that price I figured it would be worth a try.
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Ditto, I have the ProLaunch Red with an Adams adjustable head on it set to 10*. The shaft plays a bit stiffer and has a high kickpoint which means your fulcrum will be a bit higher in the shaft. My driver swingspeed is about 105, regular flex shaft, and I've been averaging about 270 with a nice boring trajectory and a fair amount of roll. Shaft in your driver means alot, high kick point ,stiff tip will generally be a shaft with a lower flight.

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Awesome info...
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"Shaft in your driver means a lot, high kick point ,stiff tip will generally be a shaft with a lower flight."


just bought very clean and cheap Mizuno TZoid bore thru driver with 12* loft. And, too bad, a L shaft. Ain't bad but really sends the ball high so i gotta change the shaft. Since i gather that the bore thru also leads to somewhat stiffer response and i want a lower flight, should i look for a the high kick and stiff tip? I'll be going for a R flex, SS probably 95. 

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Aldila RIP 55 S ? Is this the stock shaft?
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Originally Posted by LBlack14 View Post

Aldila RIP 55 S ? Is this the stock shaft?
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