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Impact Tape and Its Feedback

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A couple of questions for everyone...

First, how often do you use impact tape (or something similar like a dry erase marker) during your practice? How important is this for both high and low handicap golfers? As with most of us, I'm working on a few swing changes and decided to make an effort to use impact tape (I use masking tape), at least partially, during my practices. I don't see many posts on this, but feel it could help me a bunch during winter practice into a net.

The second question is more of a personal one... I've noticed that I generally strike the ball more toward the heel of the club (this is if I set up with the ball in the center of the clubface). Does this indicate a definite swing flaw? Is this something not to worry about and I can just adjust my setup so the ball is slightly toward the toe of the sweet spot?

One of these days, I may get the guts to post a swing on this site, but, until then, any thoughts are appreciated. It just seems to me that if you align the ball behind the sweet spot, you should be able to return the club head in that same spot.
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Not very much, though I should. I tend it use it more for lie angle 


Could be a problem with the swing. Though you are a 6.1 handicap. It could be something as just being that close to the ball. 


Until you get the guts to post your swing here, a more in detail analysis can't be done. 

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i was hitting a little off the heel and every so often shanking it. i tried lift my right toes (right handed golfer here) because another member on here posted a video of the drill through 5SK. any who i was kind of falling toe side on my downswing and now that i know that i have had much better impact and no shanks

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At the range, I almost always look at the club face after a swing and even more during short game practice. Usually there's a mark. If not and I'm for some reason interested in seeing the mark on every shot, I use dry erase or whatever, I always have a dry erase marker/oil pastel in my bag. I want to know whether I hit a fake draw/fade or a true draw/fade. Plus it helps me associate feels with where the ball made contact so I can better feel if heel or toe hits without looking at the face.


For irons, I prefer impact slightly, just a smidgen, towards the heel.

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When I take an extended layoff, I'll sometimes use impact tape, but I can typically tell from the feel where the impact is. 


If you're interested, here's an interesting thread about sweetspots on irons and where the pros hit it.

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