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GolfWorld ranks 100 best modern players

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When I saw JN @ 4, what? Then, oh, modern players.




TW, GN, PM, JN, Singh, Els, Watson, Duval, McIlroy, Faldo is top 10.

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Aw poor Seve; squeezed out to the #11 spot.

Good list of players in there although I'm not sure that "from 1980" is classed as "modern" to me.

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Yeah you could argue plenty of parameters and metrics, but hard to argue too much with the final results. Interesting to see how far Tiger is ahead of Norman, and the rest of the field for that matter. 


Queue all the Jack supporters who will say "those were Jack's worst years and he's still only a few spots behind Tiger."

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I realize he had a couple great years...but man...Luke Donald is really high up on the list. Maybe I just underestimate how good those years were. 

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All a bit weird, Duval's basis period ends when his form drops off a cliff in 2001, and Furyk's ends in 2010 presumably from a loss of form in 2010, whereas Watson's basis period runs thru' to 98, despite him having bigger losses of form in the early 90's than Furyk has had over the last few years.


@ MBD - Seve suffers because its based on PGA events not for all events and he had a running battle with Dean Beaman over the number of PGA events he could play. So the data includes 7 of his 91 worldwide wins.

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@nevets88 has opened up Pandora's box with this thread.  Let the thrashing begin!

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Faldo only at 10 is some joke.


Who in their right minds would think Duval had a better career than Faldo? They have excluded the last 12 years of Duval's career...that makes absolutely no sense. So slumps don't count?


Rory at 24 has had a better career than Faldo? Seve? Yeah right.

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Originally Posted by JBradshaw View Post

So slumps don't count?

Basically.  Here's what it says at the beginning:



• Use a formula designed to highlight a player's best golf.


This last goal is aimed at de-emphasizing the slump-ridden periods that are inevitable over careers of any length. In the process, we wanted to create a statistical chronicle of the best in their prime years, in essence answering the question, "How good was their good?" —Jaime Diaz

(Emphasis on last sentence is mine)

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