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Strata Tour Advanced

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Since I only need so many trout flies, I have had a lot of time to kill this winter and have been scrutinizing golf balls that I think might work for my game.  So far I have decided to give 3 balls a try:  TM Project (a), Bridgestone e5, and Maxfli U/3.  One ball that has intrigued me is the Callaway Strata Tour Advanced ball.  I played the Gamer V2 when it was available but this ended with the sale of Top-Flite by Callaway to Dicks.  Dicks kept the "dimple in dimple" concept, but beside from that, the Strata Tour Advanced looks like the identical ball to the V2, which was great around the green for a surlyn ball.  Does anyone have any experience with the Strata Tour Advanced?

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@NJpatbee ,


I have not tried the ball. You should really try it out for yourself versus a ball you are familiar with to compare.  I you like it, you can write a review in the Equipment section of the forum.  That always helps other forum members.  This ball has not been reviewed.

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If you're bored, and want to keep tying flies just to keep busy, you could always send some my way. Maybe gold-bead pheasant tails..... A dozen each, sIzes 8-14, to start? a2_wink.gif
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