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OK I admit it (age)

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Hi all,
Ok, I'm getting older and my swing isn't what it once was. So, I've decided to shop for some irons that are easier to hit than my mizuno's. So, this post is about getting some suggestions from fellas about my age 67 that have come to the same realization.
I'm not horrible but I've seen my index go from 5 to 13 in the past couple years.
Thanks in advance for your contribution.
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I know the Ping G30's just came out if you're interested in the latest and greatest, but that also means the G25's should go on sale soon. To be honest, even the i25 and s55 irons were easier to hit (or at least didn't hurt as much on stuff that was a bit thin) than the MP-59's I tested.

As for other brands, I know TItleist has the AP1's that came out earlier this year and I'm pretty sure Nike has something. The Mizuno JPX line of irons might be something you would want to take a look at. They have the same materials and production process as other Mizunos so they should feel similar if you like that. Callaway's Apex irons are also quite nice.
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I've got a set of blades (Nike VR PRO) and I've got TM Rocketbladez.  There's no comparing the 2 but I'll tell you, the rocketbladez go so far its obsene.  I'd def check those out.  I know a low clubspeed player who got them last year as well and hits it alot further now.  They are workable too.

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If I was in the market for a new set of conventional clubs, it would be the Ping G25's. From the reviews, they are plenty long enough but more importantly they are forgiving. Workability ranks low on my list. Straight is good.
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I bought the G-25's last July as my retirement present to myself. This was a great purchase on my part. They are solid and forgiving, yet you can tell if you miss hit the shot. I would suggest you make sure to get fit for whichever clubs you decide.
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Awesome to see you playing that well at your age, Duffy!


I would recommend trying to find a custom fitter in your area. You can of course get lucky and just picking a set of clubs, but you really notice the difference when trying various clubheads and shafts. Even if you know what shaft type and clubhead type you want, clubs can feel very different.


What set of Mizunos do you have today? Sounds like getting a bit more forgiving clubs could be a good thing.

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+1 on @Zeph 's comment @Duffy . A fitter will get you into the right head and shaft for your swing.  At 67, you deserve the best fit for yourself.

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I'm a few years behind you, but I'm a real believer in taking advantage of the benefits of the game improvement clubs.  I went for Titleist AP1s not long ago and love them.  But regardless of the brand, I think the absolute most important thing is getting a good fitting and selection of the right shafts for your swing.  IMHO "fittings" that simply involve deciding whether you want the standard steel or graphite shaft and checking lie aren't much better than buying whatever off Ebay and hitting the course.  You may already know the answer, but if not ask around for the best fitter in your area and then figure out what brand(s) of club they can fit you for.

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Thanks all,


Great advice and I'll compile al for consideration.



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To Zeph, 


I am playing MP 59's

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I'm a little surprized no one has mentioned Adams.

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Adams are good too. But what is more important is what you like, not us. Good luck.
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I'm 46 and I started realizing my swing wasn't as good as when I was in my 20s. I played the AP2s for several years, and they just were not forgiving enough for my game.


So this year I got some new irons. I chose the Callaway Apex. They feel great, forged head and are very forgiving. I tend to hit on the toe a lot.and barely see any distance loss from toe hits.


I recommend trying them out, the feel will be very close to your Mizuno's.

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