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Blew right through 80 to a 76 this evening!

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  I have really been feeling like my game is getting close....And this evening it really came together.


  10/14 fairways...9/18 GIR...29 putts.  My speed was a lot better on the greens today leaving myself a lot of easy second putts, with the exception of two holes my pitching and chipping was excellent, also helped by missing in good places when I did miss the greens for the most part.  And the biggest part of my game that I am happy about is I am really striking my short irons and full wedges really well.  Also I am pretty happy with my club selection today as it was very windy but I managed to pick the right club whether into or with the wind for the most part.

  The couple things that I noticed that I wasn't happy with was with my mid and long irons I am getting a little steep into the ball and they are mostly drifting right more then I would like.  Also still struggling some with the driver.  I hit a couple decent ones, but still not getting the consistently good contact that I would like...Keeping them in play, but the course I've been playing lately has a lot of really big wide open fairways.  I hit multiple drives that were ok on this course, but would be trouble on other courses.

  The most memorable pure ball strike was probably on the last par 5.  I actually hit a good drive there and had about 220 to the middle, wind was right to left and helping.  Pin was in the back left from my angle.  I aimed for center of green and let it rip.   I have been hitting a lot of shots that have been drifting a touch right lately, the wind held this one on line, then it started to drift slightly left.  I saw it bounce once then couldn't see it.  It ended up about 10 yards off the back of the green for a simple chip/pitch.

  I also pounded a nine iron to dead center of the green on one of the par 3's from about 142, uphill but down wind.  Pretty much perfect contact couple yard draw and it landed exactly where I wanted it to for a easy two putt par.

  I am going to be playing a longer, harder course this weekend, so probably a range session tomorrow mostly working on driver, mid and long irons to see if I can come into the ball a touch less steep, and get the face angle and swing plane in sync a little better...

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Congratulations, that's a milestone that a lot of golfers never achieve! c2_beer.gif
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Way cool ... That is a goal of mine! Congrats!!
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Keep it up! Good stuff!
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Congrats! I did the same when I first broke 80. I expected to leak in with a 79 or 78, but just had one of those days where it came together and blew right through it like you did.

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Nice! I broke 80 for the first time yesterday with a 79, beating my previous best on my home course by 3 strokes. Posting the score and seeing that single digit differential sure felt good.

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