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Solid 3W Contact



I have struggled hitting my only FW metal from the deck for a while.The last few times I've played, I focused on contacting the ground at the point where the back of the meets the ground. It seems to have helped me make solid contact. I'm not sure why. Comments? Thoughts?


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I just recently put a 3W back in the bag and haven't really been confident enough to hit it off on the floor during a round. The 5W remains my go-to club for over 170 and is this year's MVP club as far as I'm concerned. My mishits with FW metals are generally hooks. Based mostly on range results, the 3W authors roughly twice as many hooks as the 5W. The potential difference in distance isn't really worth it at this point.

Not a total bust, the 3W has been pretty valuable off the tee on certain holes. Love having it on the ole Kitty.

Next time on the range I'll think about your swing thought and see if it helps.

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With the fairway metals I never know if the right approach is a "compact" feeling, like I use w/ my irons, or a decidedly tension-free, "loose" swing with a marked emphasis on lagging - like with the driver. 

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