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Dark Thoughts and A Ray of Sunshine




My recovery from brain surgery is just about complete.  The medical team has begun the process of weaning me off the anti-seizure medication. Yes, I have two ½ inch diameter holes on the top of my head but my hair covers them nicely. I am just about as good as I am going to be.  I feel good. 

I wish I could say the same about my golf game.  There have been some weeks where I contemplated permanently putting the clubs in the basement and pulling out the fishing gear.  I have never been a good player but I was competent and at times had my moments of brilliance.  Playing really bad golf was just no fun.

2021 so far has seen me struggle to break 100.  I have picked up my ball mid-hole dozens of times more often in the past couple months than I would over the course of several years.  I think my handicap index has hit the “hard cap” or it would be 15.0+ and climbing.

Still, there have been some recent signs for hope.  I managed a 38 on the front nine of my home course before bringing it to the house with a back nine 53.  In our last tournament I managed 2 birdies and only a 3-putt double bogey on the last hole kept me from breaking 80 (yeah, I choked big time).

It looks like the fish are safe for another season.  I am going to keep practicing and playing and we will see what happens.



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I feel good. 

Ultimately, that is the most important part. Glad to hear you the recovery is almost complete.

Sounds like the recent rounds are getting better, I'd say just stick with it as long as you are having fun and enjoying yourself/company on the course.

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Life has a way of reminding us of our own fragility. Being able to play golf again is now a fresh perspective for you. Hoping for your continued recovery. 

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6 hours ago, klineka said:

Ultimately, that is the most important part. Glad to hear you the recovery is almost complete.


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