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Dragged Into the 21st Century




My stepson and I went to two fitting sessions recently. The first was irons, and the second was driver/3-wood/hybrid. Each was two hours. I hit somewhere around 125-150 balls each time. I have never been a range rat and hitting 100+ balls was a chore.  Fortunately for me, the fitter had to swap shafts and heads which allowed me rest periods.

Being a low-tech senior citizen, I had never hit balls in a simulator or been measured by a Trackman. Frankly, I did not want to know how slow my swing was, and I have never been comfortable hitting balls off Astroturf. I also do not like being under assessment by some golf geek. The fact that the sessions were a gift from my family (Father's Day) was the only reason I was willing to get dragged into this cyber golf experience.

We may as well get right to the punch line so everyone can move on; my driver swing speed is 81.5 mph. On the plus side, my slow-motion swing is very efficient. The geek felt I needed more height to maximize my distance. In the end we settled on a Callaway Rogue ST Max head (10.5 degree) and a Mitsubishi Diamana ZF-Series 40 R-Flex shaft (all this stuff is pretty much blah, blah, blah to me). 3-wood similarly Callaway. Hybrid Ping G425 3-19 Degree.

Irons are Cobra King Forged Tex X with Aldila NV Iron 45 A shafts (shit, I may as well be trying to write this in Greek for all I understand).  Wedges are Cleveland.  My putter, for now, remains a 2-ball Odyssey.

The new clubs will be built in 4-5 weeks, just in time for our first snow fall. Naturally, this coincides with playing my best golf in the past 5 years, using my beat up, mismatched set of 20-year old clubs. A final battle for my golf loyalty seems in the offing. 


·         I now know the grim reality about my ancient swing and no longer need to worry, just accept the truth.

·         The geek was very good at putting me at ease and the fitting was fun ... sort of.

·         This likely will translate into better golf. There may be a breaking-in period but I am confident the new sticks will be an improvement.


·         I don't like hitting off carpet into a screen. I prefer to see the real result, not what some computer tells me.

·         My pocketbook is a lot lighter. But as the saying goes, “you can’t take it with you”. Hmmm, do you think there will be room in the casket for my clubs?

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Something that is always interesting to me is how many fittings (including my own) result in someone having a lighter flex on irons compared to woods.  There's likely a lot I don't understand about the process.

On one hand, I am jealous of putting a bag together all at once.  I have never done this (and I don't view it as likely that I would any time soon).  I look forward to seeing your success in the upcoming season.  

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Thanks.  Yes, I plan to report on my progress of incorporating the new clubs into my golf game when they eventually arrive. The expectation is there will be some bumps along the way.

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If "CC" is Club Champion, that was our fitter in Ann Arbor.  They suggested breaking it up into two sessions (consecutive Saturdays).  I never would have been able to do 4 hours of hitting balls.

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Are there people (other than those who play for a living, maybe) who can hit balls for four hours at the volume you'd need to?

I'm trying to remember what it was like when I (over fourteen years ago) went to a fitting where, if they were still around, would be a competitor to CC.  It was supposedly a full bag fitting, but I doubt I hit more than irons, a driver, and a putter.  I also later found lots of people, of various abilities (ranging from my 20+ handicap unathletic self at the time to someone with a plus handicap) who went to them and all got the same recommendations, so how accurate the fitting was is beyond me.  I would bet CC is far better about proper fittings. 

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