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Hi there,

I am in the UK, started playing golf at 11yrs old.  BUT, never played that often and stopped completely 10 years ago (I am now 47).  Just getting back into the game.  Options around simulators seem to make it easier to find the time to practice, so looking into that and am also about to join a club (Stratford Oaks near Stratford Upon Avon, UK)... if anyone wants a round and is close let me know! I plan to play once a week, but aim to practice a fair bit - never did any practice before - just went out on the course and played.  I don't have an official handicap yet, when I was playing my best ever round was 87, but I usually scored between 90-95, so not very good.  I have a goal of breaking 80 in the next 2 years.

I just had some new clubs fitted - Callaway Rogue X, 4-PW + AW, GW and SW. I have a Callaway RBZ driver which I got pre-owned.  I might replace it... also looking for a 3wood or hybrid for tee shots where I don't want to use a driver.  Currently trying a few clubs.

Anyway - hello all.





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@Jay28 Welcome back to golf.  Start off playing with the clubs you have and add clubs as per your requirement once you start figuring your game and swing.  After all, you can pick up clubs (new or used) at anytime, and it is better to buy what suits you rather than needing to resell something you bought and then find doesn't suit your game.

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Welcome! I’m in Waltham Abbey so about 2 hours away from you. If you’re ever down this way bring the clubs and give me a shout. I tend to shoot 90-95 as well.

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