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How Does Mizuno Do It? Why Can't Everyone?

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I used to hit Ping irons but needed to move away from steel shafts due to a neck injury.  

When I went to "my fitter" I asked him to add Mizuno into the mix and quickly realized how much I liked thier irons.  Then the Fitter showed me all of the shafts they offered at no upcharge and it became a no brainer. 

Lots of nice iron sets out there, but for me Mizuno irons are the only way to go.  Stunning product.

And I started with thier wedges first.  Tested them against Titleist and I really wanted a set of Titleist wedges.  The Mizuno T7s were just a whole lot better for me.

Summation, when you pair great heads with such a great selection of high quality shafts they become pretty unbeatable. 

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I play Mizuno and Honma, have a set of each. Just depends where I am. Got each at a steel. Can't really tell them apart. Love both. Wondering whether to switch to Mizuno wedges, from Fourteen. Only because they've more bounce varieties available. On the fence.

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I swapped out wedges two years ago, and haven't been paying that much attention to wedge offerings since then.

As for the lower price and more options for Mizuno wedges: Does Mizuno have less model turbulence than TaylorMade, Callaway and Vokey? If so, Mizuno would have longer to recapture R&D costs and might be able to charge less on model X because of this.

What have you Muzuno aficionados seen on this? Longer run than average on wedge models?

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@WUTiger Mizuno Iron models seam to have a 2 year run before an updated version is offered.  

I am not sure how long TaylorMade and Callaway run their models but it seams like a new model offering every year from them  But I could be wrong.

Also Cobra Drivers run a lot less then TaylorMade and Callaway and from a personal standpoint as well as independent testing they are very competitive performance based with them as well.

To me it begs the question, how much is the price difference due to Tour contracts vs not having Tour contracts.  Mizuno seams to be the iron of choice for PGA players that are not under contract.

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6 hours ago, WUTiger said:

What have you Muzuno aficionados seen on this? Longer run than average on wedge models?

Nope, Mizuno brings out new wedges every year. Interestingly, in 2017 they actually brought out 2 new wedge lines at the same time. That was mostly because the company was changing direction slightly on their wedges. So they brought out an updated version of the previous years, as well as a new design. 

2 hours ago, djake said:

@WUTiger Mizuno Iron models seam to have a 2 year run before an updated version is brought out. 

They seem to bring out new jpx models in the odd numbered years 2017, 2019, etc... and new mps for the even numbered years. 2016, 2018, 2020... although the 2020's have just hit the market. 

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