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How Many Wedges Do You Carry?

How many wedges do you carry?  

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  1. 1. How many wedges do you carry?

    • 0 - What's a wedge?
    • 1 - I have my trusty Niblick and that's all I need.
    • 2 - Doesn't matter which two, but you'd think it would be PW and SW
    • 3 - Very common set up through the 80's and 90's.
    • 4 - Its good to have options
    • 5 - More options or is it because your PW is so delofted you had to stick in another gap wedge?
    • 6 or more - If you answer this, you'd better explain why.

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How many wedges do you carry and lofts do they have? Right now I only have one . It is a 50.5 PW (Ping Eye 2) and I'm trying to figure out the next step for my wedges. I was thinking a 56 SW and 61 Lob wedge, does that sound about right or should I have different lofts, or maybe even four wedges? Also, is there potential for problem to arise in getting different brand wedges (PW-Ping SW/LW-Cleveland)?

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How many wedges do you carry and lofts do they have? Right now I only have one


No problem at all with mixing wedges. Pick what fits your eye and game the best. You'd be very surprised at the number of mixed sets on Tour, and the number of Eye 2 lob wedges out there. As far as filling your loft gaps, since your pitching wedge is so weak lofted, by modern standards, you likely won't need a gap wedge. I would start by adding a 55 degree sand wedge. You may have to buy a 54 or 56 and get it bent a degree which is no problem. There are so many things to consider in terms of grooves, sole grinds, and bounce angles, you might need to start a new thread to help you decide which one you should pick up. Once you feel comfortable with the sand wedge, I would add a lob wedge in either 59 or 60 degrees. A lob wedge is a little more difficult to hit than many might think, but it is simply an invaluable tool around the greens when you've short sided yourself.
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I carry 4 wedges right now, used to be 5 till I wondered why my bag was so heavy.

They are:

PW - Nicklaus EZ-UP
52 - Cleveland CG-10
56 - Cleveland CG-11
60 - Cleveland CG-11

Since adding in the 56 and 60 degree wedges I have been much better around the greens.
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I carry four wedges:

1. Titleist Pitching Wedge
2. Titleist Gap Wedge
3.Titleist Spin Mill 56.14* Sand Wedge
4. Titleist Spin Mill 60.04* Lob Wedge

I don't carry the lob wedge in tournaments that require 14 clubs, as it is my 15th club. I do carry it for general play and especially for practice sessions, as I am attempting, with some small amount of luck, to acquire some skill with it. All my wedges have the same shaft as my other irons: NS Pro 100 regular flex.

In the Bag:
Driver: :TaylorMade: RBZ 9.5 Reg Flex
3 Wood :TaylorMade: RBZ Reg Flex
Hybrid: Ping G25 Hybrids 17*, 20*, 23*

Irons:Ping G25 5-Gap Wedge, Sr Flex, Vokey 56.14 Spin Mill NS Pro Reg, Flex

Putter: Bobby Grace Center Shaft 32"

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PW: Taylor Made OS 45
GW: Vokey 50/08
SW: Vokey SM 56/10
LW: Vokey SM 60/04

WITB: Driver: Titleist 910 D2 10.5 R / 5 Wood: r7 ti / Irons: Ping G15 Steel R (3-P, U), / Wedges: Vokey SM4 56/11 SM4 60/07 / Putter: Scotty GoLo 33" / Ball: Titleist Velocity / Shoes: Adidas Tour 360 4.0 / GPS: SG3

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Yet again, thanks for the valuable help gas_can. I really appreciate it. By the way, you say my PW at 50.5 is weak, is the normal PW around 47 or so?


Yes, most pitching wedges today are between 46-48 degrees.
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I carry 3, although I have 4:

Tourstage z101 PW - 47.5*
Callaway X-Tour Vintage GW - 52*
Callaway X-Tour Vintage SW/LW - 58*

Also have a Hippo Gun Metal LW - 60*, but this doesn't get in the bag these days.
In the bag:
Driver - FT-i 9.5* Neutral Speeder 686 Stiff
Fairway Wood - X-Tour 15* Stiff
Hybrid - Nickent 3DX Ironwood 17* Aldila NV Hybrid 75S
Irons - Tour Stage Z101 Forged Irons DG S300 Shatfs (2-PW) Wedges - 52* Callaway X Tour Vintage, 58* Callaway X Tour Mack Daddy VintagePutter - Scotty...
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3 wedges at 6* loft spacing. 48*-54*-60* Works for me.


Titleist 915 D-2 9,5*

Titleist 915F 15*

Titleist 915H 18*

Mizuno MP-4 3-PW

Mizuno MP 54* & 60*

Yes Pippi Putter

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4 wedges for me. 47, 52, 56, 60. Extra wedge benefits my game more than having the 3 iron in the bag.
Driver: Bridgestone J33R 460 10.5*
3 Wood: Sonartec NP-99 14*
Hybrid: Adams Idea Pro Black 19*
Irons: Mizuno MP-58 4-PWWedges: Nike SV 52*, 56*, 60*Putter: Scotty CameronBall: Srixon Z Star
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Tour Edge PW 47, GW 51.
Cleveland SW 55
Adams LW 60

1W Cleveland LauncherComp 10.5, 3W Touredge Exotics 15 deg.,FY Wilson 19.5 degree
4 and 5H, 6I-GW Callaway Razr, SW, LW Cleveland Cg-14, Putter Taylor Made Suzuka, Ball, Srixon XV Yellow

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I carry 5 technically. The PW in my iron set (X-14s) is pretty much a full-swing only club. The rest are Cleveland 900 in 51, 56, 60 and 64 lofts.

Titleist 907D1 10.5°
Titleist 906F4 15.5°
Titleist 906F4 18.5°
Wilson Staff Pi5 3-P
Titleist Vokey 56.14Cleveland CG12 60°Scotty Cameron Newport Two

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PW: Callaway X-12
GW: Cleveland CG 10 (52*)
SW: Cleveland CG 10 (56*)

Sometimes in the bag depending on wether or not I carry a hybrid:
LW: Cleveland CG 10 (60*)

In the bag:
Taylormade R11S Fubuki
Taylormade Rocketballz 15
Adams Super Black 19
Mizuno MX200 4-GW

Cleveland CG14 w/ Spinner Shafts 54* & 58*

Oddessey Tour White Hot #1

Nike 20Xi - S

I am between clubs right now

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Mizuno MP-30 47° PW
Mizuno MP T Black Ni 53°
Mizuno MP T Black Ni 58°
Titleist 909D3 10.5* Tour Green 89 Stiff
Titleist 906F2 15* v2 85 Stiff
Mizuno MP-30 2-PW S300
Mizuno MP-R 52* & 59*Scotty Cameron Studio Design 1.5Titleist Pro V1Leupold GX-1The Home Course (75.7/130)
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I've now got 4. PW, SW, LW, XW

In the bag:
Driver: Taylor Made 10.5* R7 460
3 Wood: Taylor Made RD580
Hybrid: Taylor Made Dual Rescue 2
Irons: Cleveland VAS+ 4-PWWedges: Cleveland RT 588 56, 60 and 64 degree gunmetal finishPutter: Ping Doc 17Ball: Titleist NXT/NXT Tour

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3 Wedges total... pw, 52, 58. Have a 60* but found myself getting too cute with it and getting into more trouble than before. 52* has been my favorite as of late...
In my Ping Pioneer LC bag -
Driver: TaylorMade R11 10* closed
3 Wood: TaylorMade R11 15* open
Hybrid: Ping G15 20*
Irons: Ping G15 4, i15 5 - PWWedges: Ping Tour S 50*, 56* bent to 55*, 60*Putter: TaylorMade Daytona Ghost 34" 
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