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Iron Fitting and Long-Term Adjustments

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Full disclosure this is my 1st set of clubs fit to my swing. Im fairly new to consistently playing golf but now after a few lessons and plenty of practice have a fairly consistent swing. So i had an iron/wedge fitting done yesterday outside on grass and landed on I210s w/ KBS stiff shafts (tried T100/200, CF19, Epic, JPX 919 and I500 same day). Both the DG 120 and Project X were sp8nning too much. The fitter also recommended the following:

1) -1/2" shaft length. This has to do more with a small adjustment on the lie angle. Tape showed me center but slight toe action. My miss is left and ball flight starts a little left. His recommendation was to choke down and all balls went straight.

2) 1 degree strong from standard loft.  7 iron would carry 168 with club head speed of 91 (if i remember correctly), ball speed 122 and 95 ft at apex.  This may have been an adjustment to lower spin with shorter shaft....

I'm thinking about ordering these clubs standard length and loft to feel them out. In case there is small improvemwnt to my swing vs cutting length. I'd also just choke the club to test on the course a while before cutting the shaft. Lastly, although these are cast clubs and not forged I've also heard they are a little hard to bend the lofts/lies. I would guess a good club shop could bend these 1 degree at some time later, correct?  I'm guessing if this is true, it has something to do with the metallurgy.

Appreciate the feedback to help my decision!

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Totally agree with keeping them standard length to start with. Can always grip down when they are long, but can't go the opposite way. Bending Pings is difficult at best and don't assume you will be able to have it done easily. May have to send back to Ping if you want them bent after the fact but they can do it.

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The only problem I found on bending clubs are the ones that have little plastic/metal inserts on the back side of the clubs. 

Because of these inserts, some local proshops, and/or club builders won't touch them for fear of breaking/cracking/popping those inserts.

The owner, in need of an adjustment, may be required to send their clubs back to manufacturer. 

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