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Worst Feelings In Golf?

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It's got to be a topped drive with an audience. Not that I've ever done that of course lol

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When one bad shot costs me 2-3 more...

When I hit what looks like the perfect putt and one stupid blade of grass knocks it offline...

When I get to the course and discover I left my golf shoes at home...

When I get to the course and find I have no putter because it's leaning against the dresser in my bedroom...

When I... Oh what the hell... With my game, are there any good times?

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1.  A stone just below the grass. Never saw it. Made such a loud CRACK, I thought a firecracker or something had gone off.  Then I looked at the sole of my 5 iron.

2. Driver, good solid contact, like I wish I could every time.  Flying nicely.  Good distance.  Except I pulled it.  Ball hits a tree. Subtract 50 yards or so as it's coming back toward me.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades


As a general rule, 3-putting is the worst feeling in golf.

That being said, as much as I HATE 3-putting, my worst feeling in golf came from by way of my 2nd shot on a par5 with a 3wood. A shot struck way back in 2010 that, although I've moved on, and have hit tons of monster 3 woods on par5s since, haunts me because of its significance. 

I was in Thailand playing my first ever QSchool for any tour, in this case, The Asian Tour. I squeeked through the first round right on the cut line (-3). I shot Even in the first round of Final Stage and now I was on 16 of the second round, still at even, and had three holes to play before facing a cut, which I figured at -1, to advance to play the third and fourth rounds and secure my card. 

I was no more than 230 out, so I figured, I can bunt this 3 wood either on the green for an eagle putt or close enough to chip in, or at worst get a birdie. 

Then, I had my worst feeling in golf. I flared my 3wood way out right, my shot hit that STUPID palm tree. It didn't kick OB, but from 160 out, I was totally deflated and carded a bogey 6. 

I parred in to post +1 after two rounds, and wouldn't you know. -1 was the cut. 

Hitting that palm tree still delivers a chill. But as a silver lining, I think back and reflect that that was my first attempt playing in something that big. Not to mention, although I have a few friends that use the Asian Tour as their stepping stone. I know even more friends who didn't get as far as I did. 



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