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Cool Disc Golf Courses/Holes You’ve Played

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What’s a cool disc golf course/hole you’ve played? I’ve got two:

1) Here’s a really cool hole. This is No. 18 (of 22) at my regular disc golf course. It’s a   par-3, about 300 feet from the white tees (the course has the blue/white/red tee system). The tee shot goes downhill for about 200 feet until it gets to a small creek, which is in play, and then it goes uphill to the basket from there. Really cool aesthetics.

2) This was a 9-hole course I played at a youth camp once. Only played it a few times over the three days, but it was a nice way to get away from the hectics of the main camp area. Every hole was a par-3. Any hole that has an asterisk (*) next to the number was in my top three favorite holes. Here it is,    hole-by-hole, and I’m gonna write these descriptions favoring the better players, with stroke indexes based on my personal experience playing the course. I apologize in advance, but I do not remember holes 8 and 9.

No. 1 (SI 9): Just a straightaway, 150-yard hole to start. No huge dangers to note here, except if you go way left or way right. An almost certain birdie to ease you into the round.

No. 2* (SI 4): This one was about 250 feet, but it played all downhill, and the basket was placed right behind a cluster of trees, so a three, I imagine, is hard to come by for the better players. If you’re good at a roller shot and you catch the road that runs the length of the hole, you can potentially end up very close for a birdie opportunity.

No. 3 (SI 2): This one was tricky. There’s two ways to play this hole. Either curve it round a tree that’s right in front of you, if you can (probably 180 feet of you go that way), or go around either side of it (more like 300 feet this way). Oh, and if you opt for the former and hit the branches or the trunk, you’re going into a swamp-like area.

No. 4* (SI 8): Definitely one of the easier holes on the course, this 240-foot hole gives you plenty of room to throw, because you’re basically throwing into a large field. The basket is placed behind a hill, but very accessible. This is the hole where I scored the best.

No. 5 (SI 3): This hole starts a three-hole stretch that I called “Amen Corner”, as a homage to 11-13 at Augusta. Walking up a hill to the tee, you see a wide creek, which you have to throw over on the first shot, probably 100 feet to cover. The hole itself is about 350 feet long. The longest hole on the course, but, in my opinion, not the most difficult. The basket sits just a few yards from a small creek, which is very much in play, whether you’re getting there in one or three or four throws.

No. 6 (SI 5) The shortest hole on the course, at just 120 feet, but definitely not the easiest. The hole plays steeply uphill, which blocks your view of what happens if you go long. Yep. Water. Again, VERY much in play. If you don’t know the course, you could kill your score here. A three here is a very good score, and preps you for the next hole, which was probably my favorite on the course.

No. 7* (SI 1): This hole was about 240 feet, not long, but probably the most difficult. For shorter throwers: Miss left, and you’re going down the steep hill that you came up on   No. 6, possibly into a swamp area. Miss right, and it’s an even bigger problem. About that water that was in play on the sixth? It’s a lake. You may be dead missing left, and you’re definitely dead missing right. It’s about 200 feet to clear the water, and then you’re safe. I once missed right and took about 20 minutes getting my disc back.

As I said, I don’t remember much about 8 and 9, but I do remember they were straightaway, uphill holes.

So, there you have it. Here’s a little something extra about the course. I joined up with a group one round, and we did a two-man scramble, four teams of two. My partner and I scored a round of 28 (+1) and got 2nd place. The winning team scored even par.

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