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First Time Club Fit (Driver), Should I?

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I just sent an email to the fitter, i dont know if he'll look at it or if it even helps at all but we'll see...

Just trying to help the process, but if you rather all the information in person you can just ignore this email.

I was fitted into the TaylorMade Sim driver a couple of weeks ago and after 5 rounds and quite a few range sessions i just cant dial it in and when i do find the sweet spot, it goes the same distance as my old driver. My main hope is focusing on carry distance, i dont care as much about maxing the roll out. So im wondering if maybe i should go back to a higher loft. I was also hitting a fade in the fitting bay but when im out on the course i tend to hit a little draw with both my drivers, that's interesting. Maybe im just having trouble lining up my feet and shoulders in fitting bay, i dont know. See ya soon

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11 hours ago, Crim said:

Thats good to know, hopefully they'll allow me to do the same. My "refitting" is tomorrow. The one thing i didnt like last time is we focused on overall yardage and roll out quite a bit. I think im going to ask if we can just focus on carry this time, i just want to be confident in my carry yardage...hoping for consistent 250 yd carry. Roll out i dont care as much anymore. I don't know, they're the experts.

I focus on carry, spin, and launch angle. Bring your own ball with you. Bring your old driver, too. They always mention the total distance as a sales point.


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Back on tracman i went and we indeed noticed some inconsistencies in strikes with my Sim and i was struggling. I still hit a couple bombs (for me) 252 carry with 275 roll out but it was tremendously inconsistent. We tried different shafts and lofts and draw bias but eventually started trying different drivers. Long story short, i found something i really liked in the Callaway Mavrik with a stiff shaft. Almost every shot was flying down the middle with a 243 carry and roll out around 260-ish. So not exactly what i wanted but an increase in distance and consistency. I also got a $75 in store credit which was awesome, i thought the Mavrik and Sim were the same price. 

Anyway i immediately took it to the driving range and i adore this driver. It just feels right and i hit it great at the range. Flight looks good. So not the huge distance gain i was looking for but still a decent gain. Also my swing speed was around 102-103 mph, i think i said 107 earlier? Yeah i didn't get anything close to 107 this time around.

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The Mavrik is a fantastic driver! I just bought a Mavrik max today. With the right shaft and getting rid of the draw bias, I saw no difference in the numbers on center strikes between the max and standard. But off center strikes just flew off the face of the max.

One thing I did different this time after testing drivers was to basically wear myself out. I then came back to testing. Just like teeing up that last drive after walking 36 holes with nothing left in the tank. That is where the max impressed me the most.

Bonus is no more ear piercing sounds with my taylormade. Callaway really has a winner here.


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    • Tell ya what... if I go on ebay and find two used sets of the identical irons, but one is $100 more because the owner used headcovers, then I'm buying the less expensive set with the dainty club chatter marks from sharing a bag with other clubs.  Performance is not affected at all.  Now, when that headcover isn't on the iron and you smash into a hidden underground rock and put a dime-sized crater into your 7 iron there's no head cover in the world that will protect it. Bottom line: Iron head covers count for nothing.
    • Been a crazy few days, but was able to get some swings in last night. Had a storm roll through on Monday that did a lot of damage and knocked out power. Luckily, my power came back last night and the range I normally go to open.  I sent these into Evolvr as my second submission. Because of that, I went into it with just the swing thought of "up and out" but toward the end of the bucket, which is when these videos were taken I was basically swinging without any thoughts. The majority of shot shapes were high fades with some of them being on the "heavy" side. Overall, pretty consistent contact but feel like my contact wasn't as "crisp" as it could be I've definitely made progress on my rotation but will continue working on this every once in awhile and am planning on using the pump drill as a little warm-up.   
    • Oh good, something I can help with   I compare everything after the round before signing, not just on number but on strokes.  For some rounds, I can still recall the shots and scores a while after the round (there's one round from 13 months ago I can still go through, the first round where I broke 80, but that's another story for another time).  Certainly later that day or the next day. So I go through, did I double-tag or forget one?  Happens, especially with putting (I'll tag when I get to my ball, and sometimes right after I hit, so I sometimes have two tags in one spot and need to delete one).  So when I have a penalty, I see the score doesn't line up and I add the penalty after the round -- there's a way to add a penalty in the web interface and assess it to the shot that produced it -- for example, if your approach shot from 175 yards lands in the aquatic penalty area near the green, it gets assessed to your SGA and not SGSG statistic by being part of your approach. 
    • I have this particular guy that I play with occasionally that has iron covers. He's a nice guy that can put up with me. That's a big plus.  But those bloody iron covers. I swear we take 15 minutes extra a round waiting on him to put the blasted covers on those irons.  Then he almost always loses one somewhere. Usually its in the console of the buggy underneath crap. Once it dropped down into his bag. That was a fiasco. Ah well. Nobody is perfect.  
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