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Golfsmith Clubmaking Tool?

Jon Gee

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Yeah, that's what that looks like:


Golfsmith shaft deflection board (used) in good condition,included with board is the weight,extra profile sheets and instructions.This board is used to check shaft flex and compare to a standard.Insur


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It appears, to me, that the large piece is meant to accept a shafted club head.  If so...it may have been used to hold the face vertical while aligning the lettering on a shaft...just after installing it.  I can't think of any reason such a set-up would be necessary but who knows?  

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The head of an iron shaft goes into the large part at the end.  The shaft is then slightly bent to fit into the  the two at the center and the front.  The club is then held in place by the stiffness of the shaft being bent slightly so it can be gripped.  

The whole idea is that the club head is aligned vertically and held in place for gripping.  

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    • Ah, okay. I was responding to you saying "RoC is related to clubhead speed." It's true in a time-based system. If a player goes from 90° to 90° from A6 to A8, that's 180° in that "distance," but if they swing at 92 MPH their "rate of closure" in a time-based system (i.e. RPM) is going to be slower, almost surely, than someone who goes 90° to 90° at 132 MPH. So, you can reduce RoC (distance) while swinging faster, increase RoC (distance) while swinging slower, etc. I'm just making the point that it's important to understand whether you're talking about it in time (RPM) or distance (whether that's within the foot before/after impact or from A6 to A8 or something like that). Few do, yeah. But instructionally, it's more about how some amateurs do it versus how the pros do it. Most amateur golfers will stall the pivot, and the clubhead will more "overtake" as part of a flip/roll. PGA Tour players don't stall the body, so I'm often trying to reduce a little closure to encourage the body to do a lot more work. I don't know if I'd say that. These aren't "measurements" by any stretch, but… I think you'd be surprised at how many PGA Tour players draw their drivers.
    • You’re doing the classic B1G argument Matt. Stop trying to say beating unranked teams by a lot is more credible than beating ranked teams even if by one score. You’re way to absorbed in numbers and disregarding what’s actually happening out there. You’re right about the AP poll. But nobody wants to play tough games week after week as opposed to unranked, unmatched opponents. I don’t care how much OhioSt bests Rutgers by, or NW or Maryland. They’re unmatched teams for OhioSt. Oregon beat OhioSt. OhioSt lost. Period. I don’t care what the numbers show. They lost. Oh! But OhioSt destroyed Rutgers, struggled against Tulsa, destroyed Maryland so let’s rank them above Oregon? Again, numbers against flops are meaningless. Let’s see how they do when they finally play a ranked team, the steadily fading PSU.
    • I've seen instruction on trying to match your spin angle at A6 and A8, so like 60˚ open to 60˚ closed. So 180˚ would be a lot by that standard. But I've seen very few pros who do that. They're usually in the 60-90˚ open range at A6 (even DJ with his pre-bowed wrist comes in around 60˚ in the videos I've seen). And almost always past 90˚ closed at A8. How far depends a lot on shot shape as I understand. For example, Morikawa gets to ~90˚ closed at A8. But Rory and Rahm get more to ~120˚ closed. In the videos I've viewed the correlation is lower but in general I've noticed a similar relationship to the A6 position. Cutters are closer to 60˚ and drawers are closer to 90˚. To me this is a good indication of why most tour pros have gone away from the draw with the driver. Rotating the face 200˚ (90˚ open to 120˚ closed) from A6 to A8 sure seems harder to make pro level consistent than rotating 150˚ (60˚ open to 90˚ closed).
    • I wouldn't say I'm great at reading the numbers off a launch monitor, but I do feel like the path, face, HSP, VSP, low point, dynamic loft numbers are a big deal. I dunno what curve is and the difference between that and shot shape nor do I know what the acceleration and speed profiles are. The livestream also mentioned official recommended external battery packs because if you get one that provides too much juice, you can fry the M+'s chips. Also that they anticipated limited supplies and bought extra and have 3K M+ in inventory.  
    • This just happened to my XHot Driver.  Love the Driver but this has happened several times where it becomes loose.  Does anyone know where you can buy replacement screw bits? I can't seem to find any online, etc.
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