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Broadmoor (Colorado)

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It looks like I may be going to the Broadmoor in June. Anyone have experiences there? Might be staying almost a week and am playing at least once. Should I play both courses there or is anything else nearby that's worth the trip? What else is there to do at the resort? 

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I've never stayed or played at the Broadmoor, but there's a ton to do in the Colorado Springs area, especially if you enjoy the mountains or hiking. Some things off the top of my head to do:

  • Visit the Air Force Academy (it may be closed because of COVID, so you'd have to check that). The chapel is worth the trip. There's a couple of other interesting things, and it's a beautiful campus. Just make sure you check the COVID status before you go.
  • Go to the top of Pikes Peak. You can drive up there, or there's a train you can take to the top. The views are incredible. Just be prepared for any type of weather, including lightning and snow. 
  • Garden of the Gods. You can drive around or go hiking there. The scenery is spectacular.

There are lots of other things to do in the area, too. Those 3 things are the highlights, in my opinion. If you want to hike at all, there's no shortage of trails to choose from. Denver is also about an hour and a half drive north, if you want to do that. 

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Jeep tours and white water rafting are fun things.
Airforce Academy has a good course if you are military.

Casinos in historic mining areas are fun to visit, Gamble, Dine or just browse the towns.
Micro Breweries are very good for dining and indulging a few brews.
There's several good golf courses around the Springs also.

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    • This terrain could possibly help my putting...
    • You don't use a string to see who's shot is the closest to the hole?  😄
    • This is a pet peeve of mine too. I love par 5s where driving is made dangerous like you said. Especially combined with green complexes that make running it up with a wood dangerous but are relatively receptive to a hybrid or long iron approach. Fully eliminating the driver landing area and forcing every single player to play the hole the same way is just lazy design and makes for boring holes.  
    • Day 34 (5/6/21) - Hit a small bucket at the range today, about 1/3 each wedges (full swing motion), hybrids and Driver. After striking the  first couple of wedges really near the hosel, I placed my Driver headcover about 2" outside the target line, which definitely helped me to move the strike closer to the center of the face. Low point control was generally good, as were distance and direction. Drivers were pretty solid, with better trajectory than I have been hitting and mostly with a gentle draw. The only exception was a fade which would have worked OK. Hybrids were a problem as I had poor low point control and either hit fat or thin, resulting in poor distance and trajectory. Low point control with my hybrids will be a priority. 
    • I really can't think of disliking courses to a point of calling them the worst I have played from a design POV. Like few other post's above it is conditioning that can make me to not ever want to come back.   I've played a course where the 'greens' are simply tighter cut grass here locally (not sure worth mentioning the name. They weren't pretending to be anything better - $9 for the round). But of course, it was clear after the first hole that I had overpayed.. lol.  Although @mattm16, I would feel like an absolutely spoilt brat complaining about anything I've ever played looking at your 'course' pics. hah  
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