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Women's Golf


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Hi all! Are there any other female golfers in this forum?

I have spend a lot of time on other forum, but there aren't many women golfers there. I believe we will have enough discussion points to create a women's golf thread here.

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My Swing Thread

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Ola! @mq138

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Putter: 48" Odyssey Dart

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    • Day 161 - Practiced some good backswing, transition, and impact positions. Made some really slow swings while trying to drive impact with my left heel. 
    • Day 7:  putting practice at home focusing on my speed/distance
    • Day 64: Priroty piece work with 7-iron, half swings, plus 10 Almost Golf balls with driver, full swings. 20 balls each chipping pitching. 
    • I've been really happy with my game dispite not playing a tonne this year.    My two biggest weaknesses have had turn arounds. Driving and chipping has got much better. Used to slice my driver terribly every time, but managed to not hit 1 bad slice today. Chipping has just started to turn around, only mishit one from a weird lie where I didn't commit to the shot. Of 8 rounds this year, two in the 80s, three below 95, and only one over 100 (with horrible greens).    Just got to work on trying to at least go to the range once or twice a week for some consistency. Hit I think 4 really bad miss hits, and was a little slow starting with 3 or 4 mini slice/hooks with irons on the first few holes. Still much more good than bad shots, but more practice should get that good swing happening more and more frequently.
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