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TRUE Linkswear Black Friday Deals

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They’ve got some pretty good deals going on. Check the colors though as some $79 and $89 only apply to certain color shoes.


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My Swing Thread

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    • The fact remains that his ball got stuck in some tree and it is very difficult to figure out which one from a distance.  Yes, he possibly cheated by deliberately misidentifying another ball as his.  Possibly somebody else marks their ball a similar way and he got confused.  No doubt taking the last tree seems very suspicious, especially with Reed's past history of cheating from his college days onwards.  However, we know the ball was in the tree reasonably certainly, and the benefit of the doubt really should go to him, irrespective of how much we think he cheated.  I know very few people who support him after his various cheating antics in the past
    • Day 33: did the yardstick putting drill while on a conference call.
    • So this Aeroski apparatus is not a bad workout if anyone wants to get their ski legs back in season without actually skiing. I take the foot trucks out to work on more of a carving sensation (legs closer) then just skidding with wider legs that is easy to gravitate to on east coast slopes. Was on it for about 20 mins. Got a bit of heart rate going.
    • Day 94, February 2, 2023 Did a lot of planning today, so putted while I was on the phone for a bit.
    • Day 22/24 Feb 2: forgot to post yesterday, dang.   Today I spent time doing slow mo backswings, concentrating on pushing my right butt straight back.

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