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Favorite Las Vegas Course

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I'm going to Las Vegas next month.  I have a round booked at Bali Hai.  Any other recommendations for courses to play?

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8 hours ago, Maroon88 said:

I'm going to Las Vegas next month.  I have a round booked at Bali Hai.  Any other recommendations for courses to play?

I've played Angel Park and Reflection Bay. Both were fun. Angel Park was less $. 

My bag:

Taylor Made R7 (x-stiff).
Taylor Made Burner 2 irons (stiff)
Cleveland Wedges (gap and 60)
Odyssey two ball putter (white) 

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All the Pauite courses are great. Coyote Springs is out in the middle of nowhere but a great course. Reflection Bay was nice also. Primm courses were decent, less costly. 

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    • So this tells me that its really important to address, because 4 shots that you know about are critical to you being successful. I always have set my bag up around the courses I play. At one point in the late 90s I had a short par 4 with trees left and right that bent right to left (draw). I went from a 2 iron, 2 hybrid, to a 5 wood and couldn't find that perfect 225 club. I eventually went with the 2 hybrid as it was a great tee club but not so great on the fairway.  I recently went back to a 5 wood and love it from the fairway and learned to hit it from the teeing ground (I have a shorty par 4 that I need that 225 shot at my home course). I just tee it like I would for an iron and act like its off the turf.  So to help us out, what is your biggest complaint with the 5 wood? And how do you get along with your hybrid? Your buddies are right, because those 4 shots you know you have are costing you more shots. The 3 hybrid at 19* is probably a good starting point, but remember the 5 wood has a longer shaft. For reference, my 18* 2H is very similar in distance to my 5W. The main difference is that the hybrid has a more boring, lower flight.      
    • I agree but his choice gets a little more involved.  One thing I am thinking is more like a normal business merger.  First, each PGA TOUR Pro is thier own "business" but has some resemblece of being and "Employee" of the PGA TOUR (I know they are not acutally employees)   Some made a business decision to take the risk to thier reputations & sponsorships to move to LIV while some chose to stay with the PGA TOUR and taking the risk of not getting that hugh payout.  Rory's risk (and others) was missing out on the payout and having PIF/LIV succeeed in the end.   Now we are seeing a "Merger" and some are saying the LIV players should be fined before letting them back on the PGA TOUR.  I doubt that will happen.  Thier "Employer" is part of the merger and I do not see that happening.  What I do see is similar to "Retention Packages" that other businesses offer employees to stop them from jumping ship during a merger.  The top PGA TOUR players that stayed will get a nice "Retention Package" and those down the line will get a lesser package and those at the bottom will get nothing.  It will be interesting to see what Tiger gets.  As much as we all want to see him compete week after week his body is not alowing that but having him algined with golf is valuable, even if he is not playing. Of course, often these deals are under non-disclosure so we may never know facts. The question for Rory is, does he "Accept" a retention package or does he walk.  
    • I think a normal person without tremendous wealth filling up their gas tank is different than the stuff with Rory. I'm not saying he should walk away, either -- I'm not the person who positioned themselves as a bulwark against blood money and then shrugged my shoulders. To be clear, I'm not asking for Rory to be castigated. I am just disappointed that a person who seemed to have the right idea about all this was either concerned about the wrong things (the future of pro golf) or is can't admit that he doesn't want to fight anymore. I think, more than anything, Rory is tired of being in the spotlight and taking all the arrows. It's clearly affecting him as a golfer. 
    • I mean we can choose to not fill up our gas tanks, but for lack of options we do. When he had the option he took the high road and I applaud him for it as on face value he left money on the table back then too. But now if it is pro golf/no pro golf, it's a bit unreasonable to think he will walk away. I wouldn't.  

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