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I definitely don't think that the last Super Bowl was boring, but I was bummed to see the Cards lose considering the low chances of them even getting that far.

It wasn't quite as good as Super Bowl XXXVI (had to throw it in there).
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Yeah, two touchdowns in the final 3:00 of the game, including a leaping, gravity-defying grab... boring. Uh hmmm.

My friends and I had quit watching the game by that time. You can therefore call me ignorant (which is true) or it can prove my point about how boring

the rest of the game was. I'm sorry, I just do not like Pittsburgh for some reason. Feel free to let me know what you think about the Cowboys... then again, that will probably take you awhile to write out everything that is messed up with us... Our two positive things right now: Best stadium ever built and three very good running backs. Our Negatives: Very Stupid Coach, Very Stupid Owner, Stupid QB, Stupid Defense, Old Linemen, Stupid Receivers...
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From a completely unbiased standpoint... Michigan vs. Ohio State has to be the biggest rivalry in all of sports.

I also loved the Red Wings/Avalanche rivalry in the 90s. The fighting, the great games. Good stuff.

Totally unbiased.
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Ohio state vs mich state is huge but has been a little one side as of lately

its been one sided for the past 20 years. Cooper was 2-10-1 and now the god damn shady sweatervest is 7-1
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CFB wise you always here Auburn vs. Alabama or UM vs. OSU. I've lived in Alabama and Michigan and I'll tell you why I believe the AU/Bama game is the biggest.

1.) Most of the fans actually live in the same state with each. They live it 365 days a year. Here in Michigan, there are certainly some OSU transplants but nothing like what you see in Alabama.

2.) There are no professional sport teams in Alabama. It's college football and that's it. It's the only thing that most people have to look forward to. Mich and Ohio have 3 NFL teams, 2 NBA teams, 3 MLB teams, and what 3 NHL teams.

3.) The AU/Bama schools absolutely hate each other. The schools stopped playing each other for 50 years because one got mad over the amount of per diem that was being paid. Ouch!

Both rivalries have suffered from a national implication stand point recently or one team dominating for an extended period.
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CFB wise you always here Auburn vs. Alabama or UM vs. OSU. I've lived in Alabama and Michigan and I'll tell you why I believe the AU/Bama game is the biggest.

I understand this point but don't necessarily agree with it. Yes they all live together in Alabama, but outside of the state, how much luster does the game have? UM & OSU is big across the country, not just in the respective states between the fan bases.

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I can't understand why "soccer" is looked upon so unfavourably by Americans.

of course youi know why .... to the majority of americans they like things america is good at.... why the •••• -would- American's like soccer when they get trounced so thoroughly when we go abroad to play it. /rant

(i for one enjoy soccer) for best American rivalry ... i'd say Mich/OSU and Duke/UNC tie for the greatest rivalry in america. I'd ove for ti to be redsox yankess but the US just doesn't get as excited about baseball as they used to... And the atmosphere at the red river shoot out or the Mich/OSU game is unlike anything you'll experience... baseball games never match that amount of electricty because there's so many of them. I really want to spend some time in Europe and go to some soccer games tho ... soccer fans are ••••ing nuts, the atmosphere looks amazing.
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University of Kansas vs. University of Missouri. The Kansas-Missouri football series is the second-most-played rivalry in college football history. The teams first matched up in football on October 31, 1891.

SI.com supervising producer Dan George summed up the rivalry by stating "It's more than the schools -- it's a state thing going back to the Civil War, when William Quantrill's Confederate guerillas burned Lawrence and murdered nearly 200 people."
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college basketball

Absolutely agree...the most important rivalry in OUR state. But there are so many great ones! Auburn/Alabama, Tennessee/Florida...Sorry, Michigan and Ohio State fans, great history, but your rivalry isn't relevant any more!

Bring it!
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Gaelic Games-Hurling
Tipperary v Kilkenny
Cork v Kilkenny

Gaelic Games - Football
Kerry v Dublin
Kerry v Cork
Kerry v Tyrone
Dublin v Meath
Laois v Offaly

Liverpool v Manchester United
Ireland v England
Celtic V Rangers

Ireland v England
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Great rivalries come and go. First of all, both teams have to be good. Yeah, we all love the old classics that everyone has mentioned here, but they're only relevant if both teams are good for some amount of time. And they have to have a real hatred for each other. And 1 teams has to be the one that is always slightly underdogged and just can't get ahead.

So in the last few years or so I'd go with:

Pistons/Pacers. Ended in a huge brawl that was the beginning of the end for the Pacers.

I don't even like either team, but those games were more intense than any other. Crazy.

Red Wings/Avalanche was pretty crazy too. Hockey, fight, hockey, fight, fight, hockey.

Baseball doesn't bring it like it used to. Teams don't fight as much. Sox/Yankees was pretty good before the Sox were champions. Those teams hated each other and had a huge brawl.

The NFL is harder because you don't always get to play a lot. I'd probably go with Patriots/Colts but I'm not sure there was a lot of hatred there. Packers/Vikings has been pretty crazy over the last 15 years. Players getting into fights with fans, teams taking others legendary QB's. Moss mooning the fans and then having their bus trashed. Been a lot of craziness between these 2 teams fans.
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I wanna know what people think about the greatest sports rivalries of all time. I personally think it has to be The Red Sox And The Yankees. What do you guys think?

It has always been one of the fiercest of all sports rivalries, especially now, since the BELOVED Red Sox have won TWO World Championships this century and the Yankees have won NONE.

Last year, the Red Sox made the playoffs, and the Yankees failed to do so, even though the Steinbrenners desperately wanted some post season games in the old Yankee Stadium, which they were closing. The team let them down. This weekend will be a real TOUGH SERIES. The Yanks lead the BoSox by 5 1/2 games, BUT if the Beloved Boston Boys sweep the series, the lead will be cut to 2 1/2 games. I hope that happens, since it will make for a real tight finish for the pennant.
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Note: This thread is 4252 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • This comment makes me think of Mid South #2. 😉 I assume you remember driving the green in fourball at 2017 Newport Cup.  Pretty sure that was a longer carry than this one lol. 
    • Just got home from Wisconsin.   Again, thank you @cipher and @iacas for setting this up and running this trip. I had a fantastic time and it was great to see most of you again and to meet some of you for the first time. The courses were amazing, and we could not have ask for better weather. The most rain we got was a few sprinkles today for like 3 minutes. 
    • Yes I know. We’re celebrating it.
    • Did you end up checking it out?
    • You know some people pay good money to be spectators at events like these. 😂. I have a friend who thinks I'm a slow player because I always get to the course after him, take two practice swings as part of my preshot routine, and use Aimpoint when putting what's m whereas he just hits and takes a look at his putt for a second or two before putting.  I don't think I'm a slow player but maybe i am 🤷‍♀️. That said, generally speaking, i don't have a family or anything i have a specific time that i have to get back for so a 4-4 5 hour round doesn't bother me as long as we're not stop, go, stop, go, stop, go.  If it feels like we're in rhythm then i generally won't be bothered bc the round won't feel like it takes a while.  I guess playing at public courses generally on weekends when you know it's going to be filled with ppl just makes me expect that a round won't be less than 4 hours.
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