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As you can see, i'm a mid-high handicapper. I've been wanting a new set of irons for quite some time now, and i've been doing a lot of research. I've heard that if I want to get pretty good, I should get blade irons, because they're less forgiving.

I'm wondering if people have good suggestions as to which kind, brand, or anything to do with this.


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walfice    0
You do not need blades to become a better golfer, I have never used blades and many touring pro's don't use them. If you really like blades then go for it, or maybe try a progressive iron set. I personally think you can have the best of both worlds with irons such as the AP2's, Victory red split cavities, i10's etc

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CG031    2
Yeah, you certainly don't need blades to become a good player...who told you that? lol.

You can be a scratch golfer with G.I. irons, or be a scratch golfer with complete blades. Doesn't really matter, as long as your hitting it straight and getting it in the hole as few shots as possible.

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FFemt5287    0
Well, as evidence by the number to the left of this post, my handicap is nothing even close to write home about. I just started golfing this year and decided to splurge and go from Callaway X18's to X prototype forged blades in an attempt to work on my ball striking. Over the past week, I have noticed an increase in feedback from my clubs which have lead to my change in address and set up which has REALLY improved my ball striking in the last week alone. I see them as a great learning tool for me. I'll be starting weekly lessons next week and I'll report back more then.

I say, if you have the money and the desire, buy a set of blades!

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apex53    0
Demo, demo, demo... Find irons that look good to you, then get fitted... Could be blades, could be cavity backs... It's going to be personal preference, but if you go with Titleist, Mizuno, Nike, Cleveland, TaylorMade you can't go wrong... Regardless of which clubs you buy the most important thing, as Ben Hogan said: "Practice dammit! Practice!"

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leo3    3
You don't need blades to become a good player, this argument has been beaten to death.

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jamo    701
There seem to 3 sides to this arguement (which has been beaten to death), and everyone seems to take one of the three.

1. Blades let you feel where your mis-hits are and some people think that helps you become a better ballstricker because you can more easily find problems. This seems to be the long term solution for the golfer who is planning to take lessons and has a decent swing and hits irons well, but struggles because they have a poor short game or cant hit a fairway.

2. The other side cant hit a bal in the center of the clubface to save their life, and therefore they get super GI irons and look for more of a quick fix. They see pros hit blades and think they never could. These people stick to the phrase "you dont NEED blades." Of course you dont NEED them. The Patriots dont NEED Belichick, but they would sure suck without him.

3. The people who beat golf balls at the golf superstore with demo clubs everyday. DEMO, DEMO, DEMO!

I say you should get irons designed for people slightly better than you. A 40 hdcp should get GI irons, 20 HDCP- forged GI irons(ie. Mizuno mx line), 5-15 forged slight cavity (ie. MIzuno mp 57). And anyone less should choose blades or maybe something a little more forgiving.

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