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Bounce on 60 degree wedge?

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I have a Cleveland 60 degree wedge with a 8 degree bounce. Cleveland calls that "low bounce". They have a "standard bounce" that is 12 degree bounce.

I researched some of the other brand name wedges & some of them have a standard bounce with only 8 degrees.

Is there a standard for bounce in a 60 degree wedge & what is the pro/cons of having a 12 degree over a 8 degree bounce?


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Well everyones "standard" is going to be different. So no there is no standard between different brands. The pros of 12 over 8.. .12 will be easier to play out of the sand and maybe thick rough. Cons, it will be harder to play off of tight lies. I prefer the smallest amount of bounce possible for my 60 degree.. this is why I havent changed from the CG12 to the CG15.. i have 4 degrees in my CG12 and they do not offer it in the CG15.

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In addition to mrt10x's comments, since 60* lofts are already harder to hit, extra bounce can make flop-style shots with them just that more difficult. You want to get the club face under the ball for clean contact and the harder that is to do, the more likely you are to forehead the ball (or such).

From your signature, it looks like you have a sand wedge, so you don't need the extra bounce to help it double as a sand wedge.

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Club designer Ralph Maltby has a thorough article on wedges, and wedge bounce.

One key Maltby idea: Rated bounce (listed on club) and effective bounce are not always the same.

Hope this helps.

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    • foot-note. The assembled shaft is 43 1/2 inches. This is a little short for a driver which adds to my conclusion that a previous owner had tipped the shaft and the piece was somehow left inside and held there by friction until I tapped it loose during my re-shaft. Also, the fact that it was on an adjustable driver, they probably had to cut it short to accommodate the hosel adapter.   Sorry, if I tend to answer my own questions, but it does not hurt to seek out confirmations.     "golf club forensics". 
    • The new shaft was from an adjustable Tour Edge XCG-7 (Matrix White Tie-Stiff). I did a little research and I am fairly certain it was somehow left in the shaft (maybe on purpose just to piss somebody off -it was not new) when they originally tipped it. There is normally quite a bit of the parallel tip to cut from and the fact that it was exactly 1.75 inches long, leads me to believe that it is the piece cut off. I am surprized it didn't come loose before I switched shafts. I am not positive mind you, but after looking at photos of tip trimming, that's exactly what it looks.  Heck, for all I know, it may even have been trapped inside the shaft  and only came loose after numerous changes in the (so-called) loft adjustment.   Anyway, no biggie, I am just a curious sort and obsessive tinkerer.    Thanks, Shorty.
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    • Post a photo when your battery is charged. My guess is that it is epoxy that was in the end of a bore through shaft.
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