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Scotty Cameron California Putters

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Hey guys, anyone try these out yet, have any opinion on them? They look really nice and I was thinking about trying/testing one out. I currently have a scotty newport 2 that I've had for around 4 years. No real need for a new putter, but these look extremely nice. Anyone get to try them out? Let me know what you think!
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I've putted a bit with them and thought feel wise they were pretty similar to the studio select models. I didn't really notice any difference between the two (studio select vs. cali), they do look really nice to look down at.
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They are gorgeous clubs, there is no doubting that. I hit a few putts with the Cali Coronado the other day. It felt like a Scotty which, for me, meant it felt a little hard. Gorgeous club. Sounds nice. Felt like the other Scotty's. It's just not for me.
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I tried a California del mar out at golf mart on Saturday,i just loved it,i am definitely going to buy one.I am getting the one with the 20 gram weights though.I think the 4 degrees of loft will me roll a little better as i putt with a forward press.
Thanks for the info Kpaulhus
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I had a tough choice to make when I bought my Scotty last week. It was a Calfornia, or a Studio. I went with the Newport 2, but honestly in the end it was just that I found it a little more pleasing to the eye lookijng down over it. Just a personal preference. But wonderful clubs.
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I've putted with them a few times at GolfSmith and gotta say that they are really nice putters. I think that they have a very similar feel to the Studio Select series. Very beautiful to look at, especially the Coronado model.

Right now I have an older Pro Platinum Laguna Two that I got on eBay and then sent to the custom shop to have restored and personalized. It is the most beautiful club I've ever put in my bag!
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Note: This thread is 4076 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Best 92 ever for me. 2nd time on this course that has many elevation changes and hidden hazards. 6 penalty strokes and never really put anything together. But also hit everything solid. I'll take it any day.
    • Day 13 Full swing iron practice with a 6i, 8i and GW.
    • Obviously, if a person made 100% of them on perfect greens, then on substandard greens they would miss putts. So, it would never benefit them.  Let's say a golfer makes 50% of putts on perfect greens, and on bad greens 50% of putts made were deflected away, and 50% of putts missed were deflected in, then their made % would not change.  I don't know we could assume that the green would cause 50% of the putts to miss for the golfer who made 100% on perfect greens, but it would cause a certain % of their putts to miss.  I would say that it hurts the better putters more and maybe doesn't effect bad putters as much. A horrible putter it may never help 😛. If you're not even close for a deflection. 
    • Day 204.  Several times during football Sunday, I took 5-10 minute breaks to hit a few practice balls.  As always, the focus was on the slow correct swings.  I think several small sessions might be better for me than one extended long session:  I don't always have good discipline as I go past the 15 minute mark, and sometimes I catch myself raking in a ball and hitting it right away;  by contrast, when I consciously start a short session, I'm going to at least set in with what I set to do. 
    • (Written without reading anyone else's replies) I voted the difference would increase.  Here's my line of thinking.  The good putter would have been in or close on the ideal surface;  so while the bumps can keep some out, it can also push some that were going to be close into the cup.  Luck at least has a chance to be at least as beneficial as it is hurtful.  By contrast, the poor putters can't really benefit much from luck -- sure, it might cause a ball to finish closer to the cup, but they aren't missing by two bumps instead of one.
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