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2010 Ryder Cup Result

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Funniest post i have read on here!


I felt that our players deserved a better Capt. Wow did this guy do a number.... Stone faced when we were winning...then it's all shits and giggles when we got our heads knocked off in the 3rd round matches...WTF??
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I was the first one to spurt expletives when I saw Pavin had picked Rickie Fowler to the team this year, but hats off to the kid for his great comeback today down 3 with 3 to go. What a great performance, and hopefully many more like it to come.
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Very Disappointing to lose the Cup after just getting it back, I don't wanna start blaming specific folks or anything, but that was some pathetic golf by some on the American squad.
It's really too bad that you HAVE to select the top 8 $ winners, some of those guys really don't fit the format well.
Attire and Rainsuits were just ridiculous, not a fan of Pavin at all.
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Don't think Mahan should feel bad for duffing that chip, why should he when other people also lost, and played worse than he did in the Foursomes and Fourballs?
As said he was up against GMac and when he holed that put it was all but over.

I don't think Mahan will feel too bad, he is straight up guy and knows how good he is (one of my fave players on USPGA I might add)

As for Tiger, I liked the roar he got form the crowd when his name was called in the Opening Ceremony, that made him smile, something I saw more of during this RC, he seems to be smiling more and more which I think is a good sign he is starting to enjoy his golf again.
Plus 8 under par after 15 holes in his singles match is some play

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NEWPORT, Wales – Just an hour or so after a devastating 14 ½-13 ½ loss to the Europeans in the 2010 Ryder Cup at the Celtic Manor Resort, Hunter Mahan did everything he could to keep his emotions in check. But he couldn’t. For anyone who believes the U.S. players care a little less about the Ryder Cup than their European counterparts, it’s a shame they couldn’t see Mahan in the post-match press conference. Flanked by Phil Mickelson and Zach Johnson, Mahan tried his best to explain what it was like to have the Ryder Cup riding on his match -- the last of the 12 singles against Graeme McDowell -- which was a 3&1 defeat that gave Europe the clinching point it needed. It was obvious that Mahan was trying mightily to form the words, but as he tried to get them out, the 28-year-old bursts into tears. “I'm just proud to be a part of this team,” Mahan said, voice cracking. “It's a close team, and …” While he should have felt like a proud member of a 12-man team that nearly mounted the second-best comeback in Ryder Cup history, Mahan instead felt like he was the one man who let 11 others down. As Mickelson and Johnson rubbed Mahan’s back to offer support, Stewart Cink explained that this one wasn’t Mahan’s fault at all. “If you go up and down the line of the Tour players in Europe and U.S. and asked them if they would like to be the last guy to decide the Ryder Cup, probably less than half would say they would like to be that guy and probably less than 10 percent of them would mean it,” Cink said. “Hunter Mahan put himself in that position today, Cink added. “He was a man on our team, to put himself in that position, all right? It's a selfish spot in the game of golf, and Hunter Mahan performed like a champ out there today. And I think it's awesome. Not many players would want to do that.” Stricker, a 2&1 winner of the opening singles match against Lee Westwood, was another player who would have no part of Mahan taking all the blame. “It really doesn't come down to Hunter,” Stricker explained. “And you hate to put a guy in that position. We can all look back and we can all think about a shot here or there that could have turned the match to make up that one point, and you hate to see Hunter go through what he's going through, because it really shouldn't have come down to that. But unfortunately it did, and we are taking this all as a team as a loss. We are trying to help Hunter along here in this situation. But a tough deal for him.” Every player on the U.S. team will be playing the what-if game until they get another crack at the Ryder Cup in two years at Medinah Country Club in Chicago. And, by the looks of things, this one is going to stick with Mahan for a while. Truth be told, it’s amazing that Mahan even had a chance to snatch a half-point for the U.S. After six holes, he was 3-down. Through 11 holes, Mahan trailed by that same margin. But with a no-quit attitude, Mahan resiliently reduced his deficit to just 1-down after birdies on Nos. 12 and 15. However, unlike Mahan’s fellow Dallas, Texas, resident Justin Leonard at Brookline in 1999, a miracle wasn’t meant to be this time around. McDowell masterfully holed a long birdie putt on No. 16 to recapture a 2-up lead. Mahan still had a chance to squeak out a half-point on the par-3 17th, but his tee shot settled short of the green, he chunked a chip and missed a par putt to put pressure on McDowell. After Mahan’s miss, he conceded the match to McDowell, the reigning U.S. Open champion, whose year could not have ended better if it were a dream. For Mahan, it was a nightmare. “I've played with Graeme before,” Mahan said, wiping away the tears. “I don't even know what day it was. But he didn't miss a shot. I think it was alternate shot, and he played … he played great today. Didn't miss a shot. Hit a bunch of key putts, probably the last four or five holes, and you know, he that birdie on 16, after I got it to 1 down, was huge. He played ... he just beat me today.” The U.S. cares tremendously about the Ryder Cup. You could see it in all their eyes. Especially Mahan’s.


this article .. Man...I definitely feel awful for Mahan... Definitely rooting for him to have a good season in '11 BTW anyone have link to the video of the press conference ?
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Try this. Extracts of the US conference begin just before halfway. Good contributons from Cink and Furyk.

http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/vide...0-europe-video Also, this one's good although it isn't video. http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2010...s-hunter-mahan The Guardian's coverage is quite good, for once. I feel for Mahan after seeing that - I knew he was disappointed, even from 100 yards away, you could see it. He has no reason to feel ashamed or as if he let the team down - his fightback was amazing. McDowell barely put a foot wrong (except on the 15th) and was playing wonderful, solid and occasionally inspired golf and Mahan had to play superbly just to stay in the match. Whatever he was feeling before he got to the 17th, it was so, so tense, real nail-biting stuff. McDowell's putt on 16 must have been a dagger to the heart. The only other player I can recall making that putt from that side was Mickelson, again on the final day, and he was pretty comfortably up by then. Mahan/McDowell was nip-and-tuck and the rpessure was really, really racked up after Fowler's fightback - four birdies in the last four holes. Edouardo didn't lose the plot - I think he parred all four holes - but Fowler won the last three to snatch a point and put it all on the last match. That duffed chip shot - well, I was amazed both players got their drives anywhere near the green down 17. The crowd was closing in, it was like a tunnel of humanity - the room I'm sitting in right now feels wider than the slot they had to hit down. There must have been 15-20,000 crowded round what is a short hole - it was like being at a rock concert, the crush was so tight. It wasn't Hunter Mahan who lost the Ryder Cup - it was the European team's 5.5-0.5 win on Sunday that put the team in the position to win. If you want to know where and when it was won and lost, look no further than that. Some poor American performances then, yes, but don't underestimate the way Europe turned it round. They had let winning positions go on Saturday and there was discontent in the crowd, be in no doubt - Monty's midday rocket seems to have done the trick. The Molinaris clawed their way back to get a half, all the European team contributed. Mahan has nothing to be ashamed of; he can hold his head as high as anyone else - actually, higher than, for example, Mickelson, who is now the most losingest player in Ryder Cup history, despite his point on Monday. Cink missed a chance to beat McIlroy. Furyk didn't quite get back against Donald. etc, etc. While feeling for him, I'm glad in one way - I was beginning to think that the stuff about Americans not caring about the Ryder Cup was true - and maybe even that they rated the President's Cup higher. The emotion of Mahan and the words of Cink and Furyk have shown that the players care and THEY know this is the big one.
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This made me laugh from the LOS ANGELES TIMES: 'In a competition with an overwhelming aroma of nationalism, Europe had defeated the big 'ol, rich USA, which is always special for Europe. European sports fans like that a lot. USA fans, with so many more things to choose from and be loyal to, are less invested.'

Classic taste of sour grapes there. I'd be interested to hear what these many more things were, that the poor little Europeans can't choose from and be loyal to. I also wonder how much investment they think would have been invested had team USA achived the extra half point?
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This made me laugh from the LOS ANGELES TIMES:


Did you see what Furyk said in the press conference? It matters to those guys - which I am pleased to see. Now I shall return to my pathetic and half-empty life, with so very few sports to choose from. No baseball; no gridiron football; very little basketball. What shall I do? Archery? Badminton? Bowls? Curling? Cricket? something beginning with E? Fencing? Golf? Hurley? Handball? High jump? etc, etc, etc.
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Note: This thread is 3907 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Day 72 (6/15/21) - Worked on tempo with my putter and a metronome.
    • Three rounds to catch up on: 5/12: Played Hillandale from the whites. Not a good start, +5 after 3 holes, but I parred the tough fourth hole and battled back to shoot 44 on the front and 42 on the back for 86. I was pretty happy after the poor start. Irons were spectacular, but short game…not so much. 5/14: Yesterday it was back to Umstead Pines, and we decided to play the blues. I played a solid front nine, 44. Three pars and two doubles. My bro played one of the best nines of his life. After a triple on the first hole, he parred the second and then bogeyed in. 47 for him! We moved on to the back. I slipped a little to start the back, but I righted the ship again and parred the last two holes for 45 on the back and 89 total. How I shot 89 is beyond me, because my whole game felt shaky after about the sixth hole. 5/15: I had a feeling before we played that I would go low, and I did. I was +1 through 7, and while I doubled 8 after an unlucky bounce on my tee shot, I rolled in about a ten footer for birdie on 9 to shoot a two-over 38 on the front. And after 12, I was still only +3, having started par-bogey-par.  Thoughts started creeping in, and I doubled 13, 14 and 16 with a three putt bogey on 15. +10 going into 17. I caught a horrific bounce on my approach and had to settle for bogey, then I parred the last hole to shoot 45 on the back and an 83 total. Unlike the last two rounds, short game was on point today. I hit nine fairways, and two of my misses were by no more than a yard. I’ve got an early tee time tomorrow morning with a buddy, and we’re planning on playing a handicap match. More on that tomorrow!
    • Day 1 backswing work yesterday at Golf Evolution with @iacas   Day 2. Back home.  Did mirror work drills this evening.
    • Day 112.  Morning I snuck out to the putting green;  after warm-up, I did the 4' drill.  Must have had a harder break this time, took me 18 putts to finish.  Not bad, not great.  Got home, got some work done, went back to practice (the rest is at home).  I did a dozen chip shots with my 54 (well, a friend's 54 I'm thinking of trying for a few rounds) and then did 20 full shots with the 7-iron (slow, as I'm practicing something).  I think adjustments after the video the other day have helped to change the picture, and I want to go confirm this tomorrow if I can.
    • How do I come back from a 72 last time out and my best round of the year? How else.... putrid effort for 9 holes of league night. Had as many penalty shots as GIR.... 3. Sadly after 2 of the penalties I managed to leave myself inside of 5 feet for par that I missed. Putter was ice cold. Ball striking wasn’t bad but a few sprayed tee shots and a bad putting day left me 7 over for 9 holes. Worst performance I’ve had in 7 weeks of league play. 
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